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Packing for sugary confectionery

Packing for sugary confectionery

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Packing of confectionery carries out two important tasks:
- extension of an expiration date of products;
- giving of more attractive trade dress to products.

BOPP - the film metallized - is formed in "floupak" is a packing of production in three-sutural packages. Besides the phrase "floupak" such packing is called by "fin" and "briquette". In it also most often wrap food goods, such as chocolate bars and candies of the large size, cakes, wafers, and also snacks (their number includes salty nutlets, croutons and chips). For these products it is especially important to keep resistance to influence of light, oxygen and water vapor which is provided by aluminum metallization of this film. Such packing can easily constrain development in a product of various harmful organisms, thereby increasing an expiration date of products that in this case is just necessary.
Main characteristics: good adhesion of an aluminum layer; excellent optical and barrier properties of the metallized films; low threshold of a svarivaniye, good mechanical characteristics; stable standard coefficient of friction; it is intended for contact with foodstuff.

BOPP - a film pearl - is formed in "floupak" is a packing of production in three-sutural packages. Besides the phrase "floupak" such packing is called by "fin" and "briquette". Receive it thanks to in production of special additives. As result - the unique made foam structure of polypropylene capable it is fine to reflect light. Besides, the pearl film is characterized by very small specific weight and consequently, differs in high economy when using. Such film easily can sustain temperature below zero therefore it is often applied to packing of products which need cold storage.
Main characteristics: wide range of a termosvarivaniye; high-brilliant; high level of opacity and good whiteness; good protection against light; the lowered density; stable coefficient of friction; good mechanical characteristics; it is intended for contact with foodstuff.

Lamination represents pasting of two or three films of different types. Each film has the positive features necessary for packing. At their pasting these characteristics are not lost, and, on the contrary, supplement each other. At the same time the paint layer is between layers of materials that excludes contact of paint with production, and also protects the press from attrition and other damages. Gluing together of two films is called "a duplex lamination". There is also a technology of pasting of three films - "a tripleksny lamination".
Duplex - laminates from BOPP with the interlaminar press is slightly more expensive, than single-layer BOPP - materials with the superficial press, but have a number of very powerful advantages: different barrier properties in relation to various environments. Extruding of polyethylene allows to make multilayered (2 or 3 layers) films where layers connect by method of thermal diffusion. Setting various properties to each layer of polyethylene, it is possible to try to obtain a necessary combination of properties of material.

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Packing for sugary confectionery
Packing for sugary confectionery
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