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Painting and drying chambers for a metalwork buy in Nur-Sultan
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Painting and drying chambers for a metalwork

Painting and drying chambers for a metalwork

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Service life of chambers 32 years. Vykrask of details of 1000 sq.m/hour. Main knots and units of production Germany, Italy. Use of modern technologies in production.
26 design engineers in staff. More than 16 years in the market.

Metal construction of different function and dimensions found extremely broad application absolutely in all industrial and construction areas today. The durability and long service life of a metalwork depend including on quality of the put paint and varnish covering which serves for protection of designs against negative impacts of environment. For coloring of a metalwork use of the special equipment which will allow to perform works most qualitatively and quickly is obligatory.

The most expedient and modern way of coloring of a metalwork is work in special painting chambers.

Such painting and drying chambers (PDC) are used for painting of a metalwork in any spheres of the industry and can be intended for designs of the most different dimensions and forms.

The painting and drying camera for a metalwork is mounted in the zone where works on coloring are carried out. The system of a filtration for the fulfilled air is provided in a design of such chambers. Also the design demands qualitative system of ventilation for minimizing of influence of harmful vapors of paints and varnishes on operators in a chamber. In addition, from air removal of the sprayed particles is necessary for improvement of quality of a covering.

The following elements enter a design of a painting chamber for a metalwork:

  • chamber case (or room as option)
  • filtrational system
  • forced-air and exhaust group of ventilation
  • heatgenerator

On a coloring chamber design for a metalwork are subdivided into the following types:

  • checkpoints
  • deadlock
  • single-motor
  • 2-hmotorny
  • with the top placement of ways
  • with manual giving of a metalwork
  • with mechanical giving of metal designs

SPK GROUP offers the services in design, and also in production of painting and drying chambers for a metalwork. Our chambers possess the following qualitative characteristics which allow to carry out works on coloring of designs from metal:

  • the strengthened cabin design
  • range of heatventilating units
  • wide scale of standard sizes of cabins
  • possibility of use the crane beams for distribution of production indoors by means of opening of a roof of a chamber
  • possibility of the device of a floor of OSK various systems of transportation of products
  • options of production of non-standard models of painting and drying chambers for a metalwork according to the individual technical project
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Painting and drying chambers for a metalwork
Painting and drying chambers for a metalwork
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