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Paper disposable bio-ware. Plastic is not present!!! buy in Almaty
Buy Paper disposable bio-ware. Plastic is not present!!!
Paper disposable bio-ware. Plastic is not present!!!

Paper disposable bio-ware. Plastic is not present!!!

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Advantage of bio - ware:

• The bio - ware unlike plastic has an excellent appearance and the strong case.
• It can be used in cafe, thereby reducing costs of a ware sink (energy, water, the dishwasher, detergents, etc. ).
• The best offer for the catering companies (take - away): possessing representative appearance, allocates your company from the others which use ordinary - looking plastic ware.
• It is not unhealthy: it is made of 100% of nontoxical, wooden cellulose. High temperature of resistance. It can be used in the microwave oven at a temperature from - 40 to 200.
• Environment protection: easy and harmless processings of paper material unlike plastic PE, material quickly decays in itself without releasing harmful elements into the atmosphere.

For anybody not a secret that now the basis of disposable production is made by different types of plastic which pose serious threat for health and life of people. According to doctors, the toxic substances collecting in a human body because of regular use of plastic ware and packing can become the reason of the serious diseases causing allergic reactions, a hormonal imbalance, problems with digestion, infertility and even oncology.

Not decomposed plastic garbage which recently often call "white pollution" does irreparable harm and environment. In the course of natural decomposition of plastic (and it is several hundreds of years! ) toxic substances are emitted, gas exchange in the soil and water is broken. Today, processing of plastic ware is a difficult and labor - intensive process. During combustion of plastic in the atmosphere harmful, toxic substances are emitted. Utilization of plastic ware through grounds of household waste involves formation of the new layer interfering decomposition of other waste materials.

Therefore long ago need of search of new ideas for production of safe disposable tableware which is already simply not replaceable in our everyday life ripened!

The main differences of bioware from disposable plastic analogs that it

  • does not make harmful effects on a human body at its use as for 100% consists of natural materials
  • it is harmless to environment as at its utilization dangerous chemicals do not get to the soil and air
  • completely decays in the soil within 45 - 60 days (ware from corn starch – 6 - 9 months)


Useful properties of environmentally friendly disposable tableware are that it is suitable for

  • food warming up in microwave ovens
  • frosts and storages of products at low temperatures to - 20? With
  • giving in it hot food and liquids: t? waters, food, oil to + 100? With (t? oils to + 120? With for ware from corn starch)


Biodegradable disposable tableware is widely used in various spheres of activity of the person

  • at catering establishments (restaurants, cafe, dining rooms and so on)
  • for laying of buffet receptions and when carrying out coffee breaks
  • for packing and storage of food
  • in the catering companies and the companies which are engaged in delivery of food
  • in vedingovy cars
  • on tourist trips
  • and, of course, on picnics!


In the countries of Europe, America and Asia several years ago people came to understanding of need of use and universal introduction of disposable "green" tableware. So, more than 40% of the disposable tableware and packing presented at the European market belong to biodegradable.



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Paper disposable bio-ware. Plastic is not present!!!
Paper disposable bio-ware. Plastic is not present!!!
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