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  • BrandЛямон
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan

The main activity is production and realization of paper packages (Birpak) for beer production in a glass and tin container capacity 0,33l., 0,5l., 1 l., and also packings for foodstuff, loose goods, sunflower seeds, popcorn (grease-proof).

The key aspect of our activity is directed to the cultural rest in public places allowing to respect as much as possible all social ethical standards and rules conventional around the world. In other words it is possible to tell that the ban on drinking of beer does not forbid the fact of possession of beer or "the stay in an alcohol intoxication which is not offending by the type of other citizens" what corresponds to the legislation of many European countries and the USA.

Speaking to the point to drink on the street of beer and not to fall under possible penalties is, for a long time introduced around the world, paper package for beer - Birpak

The paper package - well proved as the personalized advertizing product (with the logo of the company or an advertisement applied on it) which is bought under various actions and advertizing campaigns. Therefore they should be positioned not only as goods and packing "on a counter of shops", but also from the point of view of advertisement carriers to Advertising Agencies. The paper package is a fertile field for advertizing.!!!

Our production is a fertile field for advertizing. Why? Pivpak - a package for beer - together with its contents in the consumer's hands, can be till 30 minutes. Just that maximum interval of time for which average beer capacity can be devastated. How many times the consumer will pay attention to the advertizing placed on a beer package? Not one ten times! And it is essential, unlike the same leaflets and flyers distributed on the street, casually examined and remaining in the consumer's hands no more than 3 minutes.

As well as any company, we are interested in expansion of geography of sales of our production. Therefore we invite Everyone to be engaged in advance on the Kazakhstan market "Paper packages - Birpak".

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