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Parchment is made of chistotsellyulozny paper basis. After parchmentizing paper gains specific properties - there is a giro - and water-proof. Parchment is pure, from the point of view of microbiology, a packing material, it does not collapse in water even at boiling, when moistening does not lose mechanical durability. It does not cause changes in organoleptic properties of foodstuff, does not give a foreign smell and smack also meets all hygienic requirements that favourably distinguishes it from a foil and polymeric synthetic materials. All types of the press are perfectly applied on parchment. Parchment kashirutsya by aluminum foil.


Parchment intends for packing, an automatic and manual fasovaniye of butter, margarine production and other food fats, concentrates, cottage cheese syrkovykh, confectionery, and also other foodstuff containing fats and moisture. For packing of products in the frozen look and packings of dressings: bandage, cotton wool, napkins.


Paper roof covering is delivered in rolls by a format of 84 cm, weighing 50 g/m2 and 64 g/m2. Delivery of other formats by your order in rolls, in reels without the press, in reels with the press and in sheets weighing from 40 to 100 g/m2 is possible.

Also under the order we will put the silikonizirovanny parchment produced on the basis of environmentally friendly heat-resistant vegetable parchment. At pastries perfectly replaces vegetable oil and other fats, as a dividing layer that provides easy separation of the baked product from a baking sheet. This type of parchment can be applied:

- at the baking and confectionery enterprises in production of ready dishes and semi-finished products;

- when freezing meat, forcemeat and fish;

- in the medical industry, at the enterprises of sanitary and hygienic productions, at production of envelopes for protection of sticky surfaces. In industrial production, as dividing material at production of the noise-insulating and pressurizing materials, layered plastics.
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