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Kazakhstan, Atyrau
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Production and realization of paving slabs, the sizes 300x300, 500x500, 600x600 and others, the order by your sizes, thickness is possible.

Active development of the modern construction industry opens qualitatively new prospects on use of paving slabs for creation of absolutely individualized paving and sidewalk carpets in original style. But at the same time, the paving slabs are one of the most ancient and the construction materials checked by time by means of which paved roads to the Middle Ages, and the fact that still paved a stone blocks the yards of old locks are in a quite good state is surprising.

So, why today the best and demanded construction material for a paving of roads, improvement of the house adjoining territory, registration of park and walking paths are the paving slabs, - let's find out.

First of all, we will stop your attention on some exclusive advantages of this construction material:
- first, the clearness of the sizes and commonality of forms promote simplification and acceleration of processes of laying of a covering;
- secondly, economic feasibility which is shown in durability of paving slabs and in spite of the fact that the initial cost of this material in Atyrau is a little more expensive, for example, than the cost of the same asphalted concrete, however in 5 years completely pays back all expenses and does not demand, as a rule, essential additional investments;
- thirdly, the paving slabs due to the water penetration as do not allow skaplivany waters (on a surface pools are not formed), do not break circulation of natural substances;
- fourthly, the stone blocks and paving slabs have very high level of wear resistance (durability from 30 MPas), and also high degree of frost resistance (it is not lower than 200 cycles), unlike asphalt which just disappears in the spring together with the thawed snow;
- fifthly, paving slabs and a stone blocks are not only to ideal decisions for design ideas, but also excellent from the point of view of ecological purity of the materials excluding environmental pollution and harming health as in a case with asphalt.

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Paving slabs
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