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Pea tree of Caragana Arborescens, h of cm 60-90 buy in Almaty
Buy Pea tree of Caragana Arborescens, h of cm 60-90
Pea tree of Caragana Arborescens, h of cm 60-90

Pea tree of Caragana Arborescens, h of cm 60-90

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan
Pea tree of Caragana Arborescens, h of cm 60-90
Other names Gorokhovnik, Siberian peashrub, Pea tree.
Family / Sort Bean / Pea tree.
Homeland Western Siberia, Altai, Sayan Mountains, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.
Distribution, place of growth It is naturally widespread in Western Siberia, in Altai, in Sayan Mountains, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. It is widely cultivated in Ukraine.

Prefers the rarefied larch forests and pine forests, sand and pebbles on coast of the rivers, stony slopes, forest edges and ravines. In mountains about 1650 m above sea level can rise.
Height/width (m) 4-7/??
Life expectancy (years) To 60.
Trunk, bark Trunks up to 10-15 cm thick. Bark of trunk and old branches smooth, brilliant, greenish-brown. Escapes ridge with needle stipules. Draws are naked, green or yellowish-green.
Flowers Quite large, 1,5-3 cm in size, bisexual, yellow, single or on 2-5 in bosoms of leaves, in bunches. The cup is campaniform, fluffy, on edge with short wide teeth, nimbus papilionaceous. In flower of 10 stamens, 9 of them grew together with threads in tube, 1 - free. Nectariferous fabric is located at the bottom of nimbus.

Blossoming since the end of May to the middle of June (11 days, after foliage expansion).
Leaves Next, petiolar, difficult, plumose, large, up to 10 cm long, consist of 5-8 couples of smooth-edged, obovate or oblong and elliptic leaflets, 1-2,5 cm long. Stipules are awl-shaped, sharp, falling down or the part of them hardens and turns into prickle up to 1 cm long. Leaflets are light green, in youth trimmed, on top rounded off, entirely falling down are sometimes topped with spinule.

Color in the fall: yellow.
Fruits Narrow and cylindrical beans, up to 7 cm long, naked, brown or brown, with the brown shining seeds. The revealed and twisted shutters of beans long keep in krone. Weight is 100 fruits of 26 g. Weight is 1000 seeds of 28 g.

Ripen in July-August. Fructification since 2.
Root system
The preferred soils, requirements to moisture It is unpretentious to the soil and moisture, but reaches the best development on fresh, sub-acid or neutral, loamy and sandy loam soils. Well transfers weak salinity and soil compaction, long drought. The minimum level of the ground water occurrence - 1,5 m, does not love bogging.
Svetolyubivost It is photophilous. Takes out half-shade. Grows on solar places better.
Frost resistance Winter hardiness is full.
Growth rate In the first 3 years growth rate fast. In 10 years height is 3,2 m, diameter of krone is 2 m.
Reproduction Seeds, green shanks, root suckers. Viability of seeds of 90-100%.

Symbiosis With the bacteria accumulating nitrogen (live on roots).
Other properties Valuable early summer melliferous herb and pyltsenos. Bribes from it good, annual. Strong colonies in the Kemerovo region, for example, during blossoming of pea tree in some days collect 10-16 kg, and for the entire period of blossoming - to 40-60 kg of honey. The honey collected from this bush transparent, light yellow color, without pungent smell, with gentle taste.

Enriches the soil with nitrogen.

In old landings becomes bare from below.
The use in food From fruits prepare different dishes, seasonings, do flour. Buds and crude fruits are suitable for salads, in fermented and marinated look move as garnish. From the fermented and marinated semi-dismissed buds cook salads, sauces, garnishes. Fresh crude fruits use as greens for soups, component of seasonings, instead of haricot. From fried seeds prepare coffee substitute. From all known pea trees only the Siberian peashrub is known as food plant.
Notes Well is suitable for creation of edges and hedges, border strips, for strengthening of slopes.

Wood is suitable for production of small hand-made articles, hoops, baskets, boards.

Leaves and seeds paint fabrics in blue, chestnut and rather dirty-green colors.

Sometimes grows in form of small tree.

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Pea tree of Caragana Arborescens, h of cm 60-90
Pea tree of Caragana Arborescens, h of cm 60-90
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