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With Penetrat Miks — a complex mineral additive in concrete mix for increase in indicators of concrete on water tightness.

Features: Introduction of an additive of GS Penetrat Miks promotes decrease in the general porosity of concrete, consolidation of its structure, increase of water tightness and considerably improves firmness of concrete roads to hostile environment, interfering with destruction of a cement stone as a result of gas, vodnosolevoy of biological corrosion. GS additive Penetrat Miks considerably increases frost resistance of a betonaa allows to receive concrete with brand on frost resistance above F300, provides especially dense concrete having brand on water tightness of W10 above.

Essential plus:

- constancy of a waterproofing in thickness of a concrete design;

- it is impossible to damage a waterproofing covering since it in concrete;

- general decrease in costs of a waterproofing;

- there is no risk of a human mistake at the device of other types of a waterproofing;

- reduction of terms of construction.

GS additive Penetrat Miks can effectively be applied in the concrete working in hostile environment.

Use of an additive in the concrete having contact with drinking water is allowed.

Use of an additive of GS Penetrat Miks (as primary form of protection of concrete) allows to exclude an additional waterproofing of a design after durability set.

Introduction of an additive is carried out to a zatvoreniye by water, in dry concrete mix then careful hashing in smesiteledo receiving homogeneous mass is made.

For preparation of rastvorny and concrete mixes have to be used betonosmesitelis by gravitational or compulsory hashing. Hashing from a pomoshchyyunizkooborotisty drill with a spiral nozzle is allowed.

Optimum quantity of an additive of GS Pentrat Miks makes 1% of the mass of cement.
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Penetrat Miks
Penetrat Miks
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