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Petro, - an oil separator

Petro, - an oil separator

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan

Petrocatchers (maslobenzootdelitel) are intended for release of izpoverkhnostny sewage of bulk of oil products by means of upholding. Are used on parkings, gas stations and oil depots as a part of treatment facilities of the stormwater drainage system at sewage treatment with the content of oil products no more than 120 mg/l (at the content of oil products in the processed drain more than 120 mg/l development of individual schemes of cleaning is necessary).

Application of petrocatchers without preliminary upholding of storm drains in sand traps because of the difficulties connected with removal of a deposit is not recommended.

Principle of work

The principle of work of a petrocatcher is based on use of gravitational forces. Waste water through an entrance branch pipe spontaneously comes to the first compartment where there is a partial subsidence of the weighed substances (in coordination with the customer, the petrocatcher can be supplied with an additional compartment of a peskootdeleniye - a pesko - petrocatcher). Particles of oil products are integrated, as a result of adhesion of particles on the koalistsentny module of the second compartment and emerge on a surface. In the last compartment water goes to the otkrytoporisty microfilter where it is finally cleared.

Petrocatchers are used at economic and household, and also technical enterprises in cases when the structure of their drains needs to be brought to sanitary and hygienic norm of dumping into the sewerage or on treatment facilities.

The model range of petrocatchers includes the following types:

• Models for installation in rooms (economic or technical rooms).

• Industrial (land or underground execution).

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Petro, - an oil separator
Petro, - an oil separator
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