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Petroleum ether 40-70 °

Petroleum ether 40-70 °

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Petroleum ether is made by oil distillation method. Depending on temperature at which distillation is carried out petroleum ether 40 - 70 °C turns out (temperature of distillation does not exceed 70 degrees) and petroleum ether 70 - 100 °C (no more than 100 degrees).


It is the colorless liquid having smell of gasoline of average intensity, which is not leaving a sediment.


Petroleum ether 40 - 70 is used, mainly, as extractor and solvent of organic chemistry. In light industry he participates in technology process of manufacture of polyethylene and various types of rubbers, in food - as effective extractor of animal fats.

By production of woolen fabrics petroleum ether participates to primary purification of wool.

It is widely applied in microbiology, pharmacy - besides as solvent and extractor.

Petroleum ether 70 - 100 finds broader application, than more light distillate with temperature of boiling of 40 - 70 °C, as solvent and cleaner. It is used in petrochemistry and pharmacy, in cosmetology: as oil - dissolving solvent and pitches. In metallurgy, in shaped molding petroleum ether 70 - 100 is actively applied to high - quality degreasing of surfaces of details.

Recently it is actively applied as the making foam element by production of pipes on the basis of ftoroplast.


There are no essential restrictions on transport type in transit petroleum ether. Depending on packing and volume of the transported party it can be transported in trucks (if it is about canisters or glass balloons, barrels and tin tight containers) or in tanks.


It is stored within 12 months in tight barrels, canisters, tin containers, glass (at the volume of glass container no more than one and a half liters).

Accident prevention

This combustible volatile compound, as a result - explosive. During the work with it it is desirable to use respirator to exclude poisonings at inhalation of its vapors.

Influence on human body

At long impact on organism (mainly at inhalation) causes hallucinations, heavy nervous and mental disorders. It is toxic.

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Petroleum ether 40-70 °
Petroleum ether 40-70 °
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