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Photoepilation, axillary hollows

Photoepilation, axillary hollows

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Photoepilation — one of ways of removal of hair by means of high-pulse light. The technique is based that the hair pigment — melanin which is concentrated in a core and hair a follicle is capable to absorb light waves. Under the influence of thermal waves blood in capillaries which feed a bulb — is turned. Therefore the hair follicle loses nutrients and perishes, and the hair — disappears.

At absorption of energy of light various reactions, main of which — thermal happen hair cores, in hypodermic fabrics. Heating of fabric to high temperature which leads to destruction of a hair and a hair follicle results. Therefore process of a photoepilation call termolizy (thermo — temperature, lizis — destruction), and from the scientific point of view it is correct to call a photoepilation fototermolizy.

Absorption of waves of light happens to various intensity, and depends on a hair color. Color of a hair depends on the content in it of melanin which contains in a hair and in a hair follicle. The hair color is more dark, the it is more in it than melanin. Therefore at a photoepilation the source with such light wave which is absorbed in the greatest way by melanin and the smallest — other pigments which, anyway, are present at skin will be accepted. It is accepted to call such selective influence a selective fototermoliz.

At a selective fototermoliz hair heat up to 70-80 degrees Celsius, all cages of a hair follicle, including a cage of a hair nipple therefore growth of hair is not resumed perish. In other cases the hair follicle is not destroyed, but considerably damaged therefore there is its atrophy, the natural growth cycle of a hair is broken, its thickness and extent of pigmentation decreases.

Effect and advantages of a photoepilation.
The effect after procedure proceeds still some time after direct influence therefore hair do not grow much longer, than at similar procedures. Other advantages of a photoepilation are:

  • contactless way of influence;
  • complete elimination of a possibility of infection;
  • high speed of procedure (one session takes from 5 to 30 minutes);
  • "rejuvenation" of skin (the principle of action at a photoepilation and photorejuvenation is similar) — becomes more active production of collagen, skin goes wrong and restored.
  • painlessness.

How the hair after carrying out procedures will behave?

After each procedure the patient uodit with smooth skin, 2-6 weeks later the part of hair is restored, but they become more scarlet weak and thin. From procedure to procedure the number of hair considerably decreases.

How many it is required procedures?

The number of procedures always individually, it depends on depth of a hair follicle, on color of a hair, skin.

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Photoepilation, axillary hollows
Photoepilation, axillary hollows
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