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Pigment for Concrete Yellow 313

Pigment for Concrete Yellow 313

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Pigment Zhelezooksidny yellow ― Brand 313, Producer China
Pigments and dyes are applied practically in all directions by production of concrete and plaster products today. And demanded the color paving slabs, a color artificial decorative stone, monuments made of color concrete, color glossy concrete fences are very popular, color types of paving slabs, the monuments and concrete color fences made marbled enjoy special popularity.

Cement influence, influence of color and quality of cement on a color of concrete products. The grade of gray cement considerably influences a shade, purity of color of the painted concrete. Bezdobavochny cements give the greatest purity of color. Degree of a color of concrete of subjects more intensively, than more cement is present at concrete mix. Constancy of color of products, especially for concrete on gray cements, is reached by introduction of a large number of pigments to concrete mix, about 2-5% of pigments.

Pigments for coloring of concrete should not react with cement and fade at a direct hit of ultraviolet rays. At addition of a pigment only cement therefore pigments are added on weight from the mass of cement, but not mass of all components is painted in concrete and only the cement milk is painted, proceeding from it when using white cement the made products will be much brighter, nasyshchenny both colors and shades of concrete products will be beautiful, bright and saturated.

Only zhelezooksidny pigments meet the necessary requirements for production of products from concrete and allow to receive qualitative color concrete products which are steady against sunshine and do not burn out for many years.

Zhelezooksidny pigments, are economic, do not exert considerable impact on ecology, are safe for health and are widely available.

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Pigment for Concrete Yellow 313
Pigment for Concrete Yellow 313
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