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Pipes electrowelded square section buy in Astana
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Pipes electrowelded square section

Pipes electrowelded square section

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Kazakhstan, Astana
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Pipes are electrowelded, water pipeline, profile, square
Pipes are electrowelded Name/standards/mark/sizes Pipe d 108h4,0GOST 10704st.3l=11,7m Pipe d 108h3,5GOST 1070508kpl=11,0m Pipe d 114h4,0GOST 10704st.3l=11,7m Pipe d 114h4,0GOST 1070508kpl=8,0m Pipe d 159h4,0GOST 10704st.10l=11,7m Pipe d 159h4,5GOST 10704st.10l=11,7m Pipe d 219h6,0GOST 10704st.3l=11,7m
Pipes are water pipeline Name/standards/mark/sizes Pipe VGP d 15h2,5GOST 3262-75st.08kpl=5,8m Pipe VGP d 20h2,5GOST 3262-75st.3kpl=5,8m Pipe VGP d 25h2,8GOST 3262-75st.08kpl=5,8m Pipe VGP d 32h2,8GOST 3262-75st.08kpl=5,8m Pipe VGP d 40h3,0GOST 3262-75st.08kpl=10,0m Pipe VGP d 50h3,0GOST 3262-75st.08kpl=10,0m Pipe VGP d 65h3,2GOST 3262-75st.08kpl=10,0m Pipe VGP d 80h3,5GOST 3262-75st.08kpl=10,0m
Pipes are profile, square Name/standards/mark/sizes Pipe square 20х20х1,2 x / KGOST 8639-8208 ps-6l=6,0m Pipe square 25х25х1,2 x / KGOST 8639-8208 ps-6l=6,0m Pipe square 30h30h1,75GOST 8639-8208 ps-6l=6,0m Pipe square 40h40h1,5GOST 8639-82st.3l=6,0m Pipe square 40х40х1,5 x / KGOST 8639-8208 kp-6l=6,0m Pipe square 40h40h1,75GOST 8639-82st1-2псL=6,0м Pipe profile 40h20h1,5GOST 8645-68st.3l=6,0m Pipe profile 40х20х1,5 x / KGOST 8639-8208kpl=6,0m Pipe profile 40h20h1,75GOST 8645-68st1-2псL=6,0м Pipe profile 40h25h1,5GOST 8645-68st.3l=6,0m Pipe profile 50h25h1,75GOST 8645-68st1-2псL=6,0м Pipe square 50h50h1,75GOST 8639-82st1-2псL=6,0м Pipe profile 60h40h1,75GOST 8645-68st1-2псL=6,0м Pipe square 60h60h1,75GOST 8639-82st1-2псL=6,0м Pipe square 60h60h2,0GOST 8639-82st1-2псL=6,0м Pipe profile 80h40h1,75GOST 8645-68st.3l=6,0m Pipe square 80h40h2,5GOST 8645-68st1-2псL=6,0м Pipe square 80h60h2,5GOST 8645-68st1-2псL=6,0м Pipe square 80h80h3,0GOST 8639-82st.3l=6,0m Pipe square 80h80h4,0GOST 8645-68st.3l=6,0m Pipe square 100h100h3GOST 8639-82st.3l=6,0m Pipe square 100h100h4GOST 8639-82st.3l=6,0m
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Pipes electrowelded square section
Pipes electrowelded square section
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