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Planning of a ceiling Kazakhstan order in Nur-Sultan
Order Planning of a ceiling Kazakhstan
Planning of a ceiling Kazakhstan

Planning of a ceiling Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan
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  • On complexity of the project we carry out the express the project, the optimum project and the difficult project.

The EXPRESS the PROJECT — the set of project documentation necessary for carrying out repair well suitable for office and commercial rooms. A date of performance of 10 days.

  1. Structure of the project:
  2. 1. Initial plan of the room.
  3. 2. Options of re-planning of the room and arrangement of furniture — not less than 2 options.
  4. 3. Plan of arrangement of furniture.
  5. 4. Plan of floors.
  6. 5. Plan of sockets, low-current systems and switches.
  7. 6. The plan of an arrangement of switches and zones of lighting (without plan of ceilings).
  8. 7. A room explication (with the indication of parameters of the room)
  9. 8. Stylistic collage.
  10. 9. Summary budgetary specification.

The OPTIMUM PROJECT — the design concept, sketches and visual images, selection of a color scheme, selection of finishing materials and furniture, specifications, the specified budget. This project is offered first of all to those customers who want to achieve the best result in finishing of inhabited space, appreciate the time and therefore are ready to charge coordination of finishing works to specialists of our company. A date of performance of 25 days

  1. Structure of the project:
  2. 1. Style solution of the apartment. Sketches of rooms. (3D visualization)
  3. 2. Plan of arrangement of strictly certain furniture.
  4. 3. The plan of the built partitions.
  5. 4. Plan of doorways. The specification of the ordered doors
  6. 5. The plan of power and low-current sockets with bindings.
  7. 6. Plan of ceilings.
  8. 7. The plan of lighting with the indication of capacities of illuminants. The specification of the ordered lighting.
  9. 8. The plan of arrangement of bathroom equipment with bindings. The specification of the ordered sanitary equipment.
  10. 9. Plan of ventilation and conditioning.
  11. 10. The plan of sexual coverings, with the indication of thickness of coverings.
  12. 11. Plan of heat-insulated floors.
  13. 12. A tile apportion on bathrooms. Specification.
  14. 13. A tile apportion on a kitchen zone. Specification.
  15. 14. Main knots
  16. 15. Decorative elements (plaster, products from a tree)
  17. 16. Architectural supervision

DESIGN of DIFFICULT INTERIOR DESIGN. This design project is offered to customers who want to receive the exclusive interior design which is most sated with original design developments. The help in the order of the Italian furniture, illuminants, the organization of deliveries a dignity is carried out. technicians, finishing materials. A date of performance of 90 days

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Planning of a ceiling Kazakhstan
Planning of a ceiling Kazakhstan
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