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Plate and index Code: 1.8

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Reklamno – the Almaty Print production company makes office plates, information tables, office checks, wardrobe checks, indexes of different material for reasonable prices in Almaty.
Debt opening public the organization of any profile — to buy plates on a door of all rooms which can be useful to workers and visitors. Depending on purpose of the room and character of the organization to a product different data will be put. For example, in state institutions plates on a door of offices with initials, positions and holding time of visitors their owners are especially demanded, in educational institutions door plates notify surrounding about number of the room and names of the teachers working in them, in entertaining institutions plates on doors of toilets, utility rooms and elevators meet. And the company symbolics put near the main information helps to make the plate on a door individual to experts: logos, name, decor elements, characteristic of the company, etc.
Plates on a door lately enjoy increasing and bigger popularity. Our company has a wide experience in production of various advertizing production, including office plates on a door in Almaty or checks. The first that is seen by the client coming to you to office it naddverny or office plate to a door with the name of the company, as a matter of fact such office plates are some kind of face of the company. Also not bad will have the gaining plates it seems – "openly", "lunch", "a technical break", etc. It is possible to find also other application, for example, to display on the plate regulations of the company or dress a code.
What pluses can be noted in the presence of office plates on a door:
– Qualitatively and beautifully made office plate on a door, will make good impression for guests
– The long term, this production has very big term of use and is practically not subject to corrosion or fading of paint
– Expediency of investments, you increase image of the company for not high cost
– The Situativnost, having a wide choice of flowers, materials of production, font options, etc. factors, it is possible to create that product that will be ideally suited for your enterprise
– The economy of the place, checks, indexes, etc. similar products do not take the place as they fasten on a wall, actually you turn not used space in informative or advertizing and it at rather low investments.
Discounts at big orders are provided.
Plates on a door of offices: materials and features of application
As well as any other flat not light information sign or a sign, the plate on a door of an office or a wall of office is made in our company of metal, thick (3-5 mm) plastics, acryle, the tempered glass or its less expensive analog — plexiglas. If activity of your company or feature of registration of its interior allow to hang wooden plates on a wall or a door, we will surely advise to look narrowly at one of similar options of execution of advertizing. Accurately made wooden plates cost cheaper metal, at once are remembered to visitors and create at them pleasant feeling of a cosiness and trust even before communication with the staff of firm.
Metal plates on a door of offices, meeting rooms and halls for conferences — classics of expensive, stylish and durable registration of offices urged to emphasize success of the enterprise and its uniqueness. The ground to mirror gloss and opaque, brass and steel, metal plates on a door of office underline the importance of each inscription applied on them and each drawing, decades pleasing views of visitors and personnel with a representative look. If you want to make to order or to buy plates on a door "once and for all", safely choose metal wares — the material attracting wealth and new opportunities. Offering production of plates on a door, we mean use as preparation under drawing drawing, the text, a logo or the name of the company of stainless steel, brass and aluminum.
Plastic plates on a door are economic, attractive thanks to ability to look not bad at any technology of drawing information and any color scale which is preferred by the customer. The maximum service life of the plate on a door from plastic will manage to achieve if to order a product for placement indoors. Also from multi-colored and inexpensive plastics it is favorable to get so-called auxiliary information signs: plates on a toilet door, bilateral plates "is opened/is closed", pair plates on a wall with the inscriptions "Entrance" and "Exit", plates "Close a door", plates for periodic use "Is busy", "Lunch", "Account". Similar products are not intended for execution of esthetic functions and decoration of an interior, but intended for fast navigation of visitors on the building therefore have to be easily readable and bright. You can look at the plate photo on a door from plastic calculated for every taste and the budget in gallery at the top of the page.
Plates from glass on doors of office — the choice of those who prefer reserved, classical, a little conservative style of advertizing of the business and navigation on the building. From glass the plate on a director's office door, a sign with the schedule of work near an entrance door, the interior plate on a wall with the indication of location of the company, department or employee in large shopping center or BTs will look strictly, stylishly and effectively. The TABCENTR firm is engaged in production of plates on a door from the tempered glass of all popular sizes (from A5 more), and applies interesting methods of dressing to glass preparations: gluing of the metallized film, a matting of a surface of glass or creation of a glossy substrate, application of decorative remote holders and mn.dr.
The most well-loved by customers and at the same time the most expensive manufacturing techniques of plates on a door of office is the laser engraving. Application of this method gives resistant, accurate, beautiful and durable result therefore in equipment of a laser engraving it is possible to issue any product — "Close a door from the plate!" for cozy boutique to the plate on a door of a director's office of the large enterprise — and it will look equally pertinent in each case. Most often notaries, the consulting and financial organizations — institutions, it is extremely important to them to emphasize the level of the firm, its high status and reliability prefer to buy the plates on a door drawn by means of the laser machine.
In a different way production of plates on a door drawing on preparation of paint under a high pressure at special temperature condition is. The stiffened ink gets durability, comparable with a durability of the preparation, a long time keeping the clearness of an inscription and juiciness of shades.
Stretch popular technology thanks to the low price film application — the method which is usually applied to inexpensive models of plates on a wall and a door. In this case our master finds letters or areas of color filling for formation of a logo from a sticky film of Oracal which fixes on the basis of the size chosen by the customer and protects from external influences by classical lamination or fixing of the image the transparent sheet of plasticity/plexiglas. The thought-over and qualitatively made office plates on a door with application do not lag behind on operational qualities expensive models of signs at all!
Production of plates happens on the modern equipment, to use of laser technologies of the last generation that allows to perform quality works and to satisfy demand of the client for individual projects. Reasonable prices, quality and service – the main advantages at production of plates and small signs.

Main attributes
Country producer Kazakhstan
Look Room plates
Sphere of use HoReCa - - Fast-food - - For office, - In establishments, - Advertising
Application Indoors
Type Unilateral
Form Square
Way of installation On a door
Material Plastic
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Plate and index Code: 1.8
Plate and index Code: 1.8
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