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Today on all streets there are indexes. Function of indexes is messenger information assistance to passersby and drivers for orientation in the cities. But and also indexes are used in advertizing. In difference from usual advertizing, indexes do not cause irritation in passersby, and on the contrary are considered as a source of useful information for them.
Distinguish two types of indexes:
— plastic light indexes;
— not light indexes with a reflecting covering.
For all the existence — indexes proved as cheap and very effective advertizing medium in the sphere of outdoor advertizing.
Light indexes are indexes of the small size which target audience — pedestrians. It is possible to apply color images to them that does them noticeable for all passersby of people who see this to specify for the first time and for which saw it more than once.
Not light indexes are indexes of the big sizes which are placed near the carriageway which target audience — drivers.
Advantages of indexes.
It is possible to refer interest of audience in obtaining information placed on the index to the main advantages of indexes. The person who noticed information on the index (for example the name of the street), will be able will notice the advertisement placed slightly below (for example under the name of the street).
Application of indexes.
Application of indexes in outdoor advertizing is expedient in those cases if for example your shop, the shopping center, restaurant is located out of a zone of direct visibility (for example in the yard), then the index will serve as excellent part of attraction of target audience in your institution.
Indexes are very effective since they are a conductor between the buyer and the seller.
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