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Portable ultrasonic device X-PORTE, FUJIFILM SonoSite buy in Almaty
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Portable ultrasonic device X-PORTE, FUJIFILM SonoSite

Portable ultrasonic device X-PORTE, FUJIFILM SonoSite

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X - PORTE, FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc. (USA)

The touch control panel without buttons is completely tight that facilitates disinfection and reduces risk of cross infection.

Revolutionary visualization of XDI
The X - Porte technology of forming of an ultrasonic beam of XDI implemented in system is created for the solution of a complex problem of removal of artifacts of lateral petals therefore the clearness and permission of images, and also sensitivity of a color doppler, are unprecedented for ultrasonic systems of this kind earlier.

Scanning and training in real time
For instant receiving a reference material the video library with the step - by - step managements is built in system. Use the video managements X - Porte for comparison 3D - animations of the direction of an ultrasonic beam with corresponding ultrasonic 2D - images.

The interface managed by gestures
The optimized working process always near at hand. Simple setup of the interface according to your requirements. The order of points in the menu is not pleasant? Change it. It is too much elements of management? Reduce them to a minimum.


The sizes are resistant:

67,1 × 53,9 cm (D × X)

Rack height:

max. 162,6 cm (the monitor is lifted)

min. 107,2 cm (the monitor is lowered)

Adjustment of height:

length of the course is 22,9 cm

Capacity touch control panel

30,7 cm / 12,1" on diagonal (multitouch gestures for management of system)

Loading of system:

HD monitor:

48,3 cm / 19" on diagonal

Adjustment of an inclination of the control panel:

0–110 °

Viewing angles of the monitor of clinical parameters:

85 ° at the left and on the right, 60 ° from above, 80 ° from below


completely digital, broadband

Dynamic range:

to 183 dB

Scale of gray:

256 shades

Compliance of HIPAA (Law on the reporting and safety of medical insurance):

full compliance


  • 2D, broadband visualization
  • Fabric harmonic
  • The pulse inverted fabric harmonic
  • M - mode (updating and simultaneous)
  • Color Doppler mapping
  • Power doppler
  • Pulse and wave doppler
  • Pulse and wave fabric doppler
  • Continuous and wave doppler, display of a curve electrocardiogram


  • Forming of a superthin ultrasonic beam (XDI)
  • Automatic optimization of the image SonoAdapt
  • Improvements of visualization of SonoHD. Obtaining two images
  • Obtaining two images in the TsDK mode
  • Technology of multibeam scanning SonoMB
  • Automatic optimization on AutoGain depth
  • Recovery of strengthening of a signal by default
  • Adjustment of dynamic range
  • Duplex visualization
  • Possibility of 8 - fold scaling
  • Post - processing: dynamic range, scaling
  • Optimization of settings depending on physical build of the patient ("Average" type, "Difficult" type)
  • The general strengthening, management of strengthening in near and far zones
  • Optimization of flow rates in the TsDK modes and Doppler (low, average, high)
  • Mode of visualization of turbulent flows
  • Optimization of frequency of personnel in 2D - the mode by narrowing of sector of the image


  • Capacity touch control panel
  • Gestures by several fingers for management of system
  • The adjusted user interface: initial screen, additional elements of management, programmable keys, system parameters, clinical data, display of information
  • Programmable keys (9): Functions: To show/hide, Complete research, to Recover values of strengthening by default, the Press, to Keep the image, to Keep the video clip, Avtousileniye, Calculations
  • The adjusted initial screen: start - up, scanning, choice of sensor/research, information about the patient
  • The virtual standard keyboard (QWERTY) for comments
  • The user types of researches (to five types of research for each combination type the research/sensor)


  • 2D: distance — 8 measurements, an ellipse, a volume obvedeniye manually, the target depth, bladder volume
  • Doppler: measurements of speed, a pressure gradient, the spent time, acceleration, heart rate, a resistance index, the relation systolic/diastolic (measurements can be carried out by means of automatic or manual trace)
  • Results at automatic trace (are defined by research type): blood - groove speed integral, peak speed, an average pressure gradient, average speed on a peak contour, a pressure gradient, cordial emission, peak systolic speed, the value average on time, the systolic/diastolic relation, the pulsation index, final and diastolic speed, the acceleration time, a resistance index average on time peak value, sector depth, heart rate
  • M - mode: consecutive step - by - step working process, measurements of distance and time, heart rate
  • The edited tables and reports on results
  • Note: the desktop configuration of system is available
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Portable ultrasonic device X-PORTE, FUJIFILM SonoSite
Portable ultrasonic device X-PORTE, FUJIFILM SonoSite
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