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Description Design of invertor Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-EF VE/MUZ-EF25VE conditioners

The Design series is created at the request of the Italian office of Mitsubishi Electric where the design of a product is a necessary condition of its success in the market. But the bright design did not cancel the royal requirements to efficiency and noise level according to which Design Inverter remains the leader in a class.

  • The new control panel is equipped with the week timer which allows to set up to 4 actions during every day.
  • The difficult system of blinds creates an optimum form and speed air struiv the modes of cooling and heating.
  • Built-in week timer
    . The timer allows to set up to 4 actions during the day: inclusion/switching off and change of target temperature.
  • Nanoplatinum filter
    Platinum and ceramic particles of nanometer range thanks to which the filter carries out antibacterial and anti-virus processing of air, and also destroys smells are built in fibers of the filter. The nanoplatinum filter surpasses katekhinovy in efficiency of processing of air. The surface of the filter is increased because the grid is not flat, and has volume structure. Thanks to it efficiency of a filtration of the air stream passing through internal MSZ-EF blocks is considerably increased.
  • Low noise level
    The additional supersilent operating mode of the Silent Mode fan is provided in models of the MSZ-EF series. The minimum level of noise makes only 21 dB(A) that does these models by the ideal decision for conditioning of a bedroom or a nursery.
  • DC inverter
    Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning systems with the inverter automatically adapt to the changing amount of heat coming to the room. Optimum regulation of productivity of the compressor provides not only comfortable maintenance of temperature in the modes of cooling and heating of air, but also economy of the electric power. The Mitsubishi Electric company manages to combine power, comfort and profitability greatest possible today in the equipment.
  • Econo Cool mode
    It is known that increase of target temperature of all on 2⁰C in the mode of cooling allows to reduce electricity consumption by 20%. In order that the person did not notice temperature increase and continued to feel comfortable, the special algorithm of work of blinds is provided. Air moves serially horizontally, vertically down. Intervals between cycles and duration of cycles are calculated by the microprocessor, proceeding from temperature of the evaporator and the current temperature indoors.
  • The guaranteed range of external temperatures:
    cooling-10 ~ + 46C on the dry thermometer
    heating-15 ~ + 24C on the wet thermometer
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Premium class conditioners
Premium class conditioners
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