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Printer of labels TSC TDP-225

Printer of labels TSC TDP-225

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandTSC
  • Country of manufactureTaiwan

The TDP-225 series printer providing press width 2 inches is created with aspiration inherent in the TSC company to durability, reliability and innovations. This printer for the direct thermopress differs in a compact design and high operational characteristics. Thanks to it it is the ideal decision for many healthcare institutions and the enterprises of retail trade, and also in the field of marking for the purpose of control of the movement of fixed assets.

The TDP-225 printer has press speed to 5 inches per second and is the first available at the price and the compact model providing the press 2 inches wide. This model can be equipped in addition with the LCD display which provides simplicity of tracking of the status of the press. Other unusual equipment of the printer turns on the inexpensive built-in network Ethernet adapter which provides simplicity of network integration, and also the keyboard which is bought separately and provides the press of labels in the autonomous mode or in idle time situations. Also the TDP-324 printer model with high resolution of the press (300 dots per inch) and the speed of press up to 4 inches a minute is offered.

In a design of the printer there are no details which can be lost. The compact model of the TDP-225 series is suitable for use in the conditions of rigid limitation of space and can be applied in a large number of various areas. The simple two-fold design in use, allows the user to open a cover with ease and to place labels with an external diameter of 5 inches in equipped with a spring cut for the carrier. The sensor for definition of the beginning of a form on a gap, a black tag or perforation is included in the standard package. Position of the sensor with completely adjustable situation.

Printers of the TDP-225 series are equipped with advanced electronic devices: the processor with a frequency of 200 MHz, standard a flash memory with a capacity of 4 MB, SDRAM memory with a capacity of 8 MB and the device of reading of the micro SD cards for expansion of volume a flash memory to 4 GB. The printer supports emulation, standard for branch, including the Eltron® and Zebra® languages.

Main characteristics

  • High-quality two-fold design with double walls
  • External diameter of the carrier is 127 mm (5 inches)
  • Speed of the press is up to 127 mm (5 inches) a second
  • Possibility of use of permission of the press 203 dots per inch and 300 dots per inch
  • Simplicity of loading of the carrier
  • The sensor of the open printing head
  • The device of reading of the micro SD cards for expansion of volume a flash memory to 4 GB
  • Consecutive interface and USB 2.0 interface
  • The LCD display on the forward panel is bought separately, the built-in Ethernet network interface card, the separator module, the cutting torch module, the Bluetooth module, the external wireless module 802.11 b/g/n, the independent keyboard

Scopes of application

  • Identification of patients of healthcare institutions
  • Tracking of laboratory tests
  • Marking of information
  • Marking of medical records
  • Marking of jewelry for the purpose of identification and the indication of the price
  • Tracking of line production
  • Marking of a diet
  • Marking of the price
  • Inventory and control of the movement of fixed assets
  • Marking of mailings for small and home offices
  • Delivery
  • Marking of ring binders
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Printer of labels TSC TDP-225
Printer of labels TSC TDP-225
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