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Processing of reservoirs from mosquitoes in Almaty order in Almaty
Order Processing of reservoirs from mosquitoes in Almaty
Processing of reservoirs from mosquitoes in Almaty

Processing of reservoirs from mosquitoes in Almaty

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Dezostantion provides to Niels LLP services in disinsection of mosquitoes in the city of Almaty. You can obtain consultation and all detailed information by ph. : + 77017317175, + 77073944675, 3297274. Processing of apartments, private houses, basement and warehouse. Conclusion of contracts.

Disinsection of a reservoir from mosquitoes

 The NIELS company carries out processing of a reservoir from mosquitoes. Fight against mosquitoes is carried out with use of the professional equipment and the certified medicines from the best producers. "LARVIOL" - highly effective, high - speed biological medicine for destruction of larvae of all species of blood - sicking mosquitoes. Medicine possesses selective toxic action only on larvae of mosquitoes, it is harmless to people, animals and fishes. "Larviol - paste" treats new generation of larvitsidny medicines and has exclusive feature: it is made on the basis of a strain of a bacterium of Bacillusthuringiensis and unlike similar medicines, does not contain a dispute of bacteria. Medicine was highly appreciated by the International commission of experts of 19. 05. 2006, showed high efficiency in our country and abroad: Germany, France, America, India, Vietnam, Kampuchea, Malaysia, Brazil.

Advantages of "LARVIOL":

Efficiency: death of larvae happens within 12 - 24 hours after processing

It is safe for people and animals

Possibility of use for fishery reservoirs

Medicine does not contain bacterial spores

The high duration of residual action - within 20 days

Action at a stage of a larva

Activity at all seasons of the year.

The place of reproduction of a mosquito are various standing or poorly flowing reservoirs exactly there and lay eggs of a female of a mosquito. It can be the container with water for watering, a fire reservoir, a pond, the lake or the waterlogged cellar of a house. Just thrown empty can filled with rain water can be the place of a vyplod of a mosquito.

Harm for the person

Consequences of stings of mosquitoes not only discomfort and allergic reactions, irritations of skin are a risk of infection with serious diseases.

Mosquitoes are carriers of a serious illness, such as malaria, LZN, encephalitis, typhus and many others from which worldwide millions of people annually perish.

Process of destruction of a larva in reservoirs

The main actions for fight against a larval stage of a mosquito (1 - 2 - 3возраста) in the crude habitat come down to disinsection of a reservoir. Disinsection to be carried out by motor sprayers which allow to spray medicine evenly. Processing from mosquitoes is safe, provides excellent protection of the territory against mosquitoes for several months and keeps your time and health! Call!



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Processing of reservoirs from mosquitoes in Almaty
Processing of reservoirs from mosquitoes in Almaty
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