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Pump ACB-800/24 Whirlwind station buy in Astana
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Pump ACB-800/24 Whirlwind station

Pump ACB-800/24 Whirlwind station

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandВихрь

The pump Whirlwind of DIA station - 800/24 is used as the power unit of water system in a garden or at the dacha. Carries out raising of ground water from depth to 9 meters. The device is equipped with the 800 W asynchronous engine. In a design the barometer for convenient control of level of pressure is provided in system.

The whirlwind of DIA - 800/24 represents easy pump station for ensuring stationary water supply of giving, a cottage or the private house.

Also it can be used for creation of irrigating system of a personal plot.

The pump has a classical arrangement of bodies of a design. From above on a small basis the electric motor traditionally settles down.

On this model the 800 W asynchronous electric motor is installed. Such engine allows to carry out transfer of 60 liters of water in one minute.

At the same time the station can take water from depth to nine meters and lift it on height to 40 meters. For work the engine is powered current with a voltage of 220 V.
Fluctuations of tension in a network should not exceed 10% (in any party).

There are an ejector and one pipe connection. The ejector serves for ensuring good absorption on an entrance and a high pressure of water at the exit from the pump.

Under the electric motor there is a massive receiver for water of 24 liters. Temperature of the pumped - over liquid should not exceed 50 degrees Celsius.

The cylinder is equipped with the device of control of pressure in system, it very much helps the operator to react to any change quickly.

The station easily can be transported even manually thanks to the mass of everything in 14,2 kg. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the device without water.

  • work of pump station "in dry" (without water) is not allowed
  • hit of air to the soaking - up highway is not allowed
Installation of automatic station of water supply Whirlwind
  1. To attach the soaking - up pipe with the backpressure valve to the being at a pump end face, entrance opening.
  2. To attach the pressure head highway to the entrance opening which is from above.
  3. To fill the pump and the soaking - up highway with water through a jellied opening, having unscrewed for this purpose, and then having screwed up the stopper which is in the top part of the pump.
  4. To be convinced that in the hydroaccumulator it is downloaded by air under pressure of 1.5 atm, with a smaller pressure, pump air the ordinary automobile pump.
  5. To check existence in the power supply network of voltage of 220 volts
  6. To turn on the pump in an electric network.

Main attributes
Producer Whirlwind
Country producer Russia
Maximum pressure 40.0 (m)
Frequency 50.0 (Hz)
Additional characteristics
Model ACB - 800/24
Maximum number of inclusions, hour 20
Admissible concentration of firm particles in pumped over in water, g/m3 150
Current of a power line single - phase variable
Tension, In 220
Frequency, Hz 50
Electric motor type asynchronous, single - phase with a short - circuited rotor
Maximum pressure, m 40
Maximum giving, l/min 60
The consumed current, And 3,6
Power, W 800
Capacity of the hydroaccumulator, l 24
Warranty period 1 year

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Pump ACB-800/24 Whirlwind station
Pump ACB-800/24 Whirlwind station
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