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Rastrovyepotolki Grilyato Kod: 100027 buy in Almaty
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Rastrovyepotolki Grilyato Kod: 100027

Rastrovyepotolki Grilyato Kod: 100027

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Grilyato - the modern solution of ceiling spaces

Grilyato's ceilings are widely presented in trading floors, halls, restaurants, motor shows, the airports,
stations, sports and medical institutions and so forth.
Ceilings grilyato, thanks to the unique cellular structure, possess a number of essential
• Are perfectly combined with other types of false ceilings;
• Differ in high corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, steady decorative
covering, long term of operation;
• Provide easy access to engineering communications;
• Effectively promote fast smoke removal;
• Are integrated with illuminants: built-in
(RPA LED G/ROA LED G lamps; RVA 418 G; ROA418 G/RPA418 G), independent and
interceiling lamps, providing original visual effect, thanking
to effect of light and shade;
Grilyato's ceilings are made from aluminum by thickness to 0,5mm and represent volume
the lattice formed U-shaped by profiles 5, 10,15, 24 mm wide
and 30, 35, 37, 40, 42,5, 47, 50 mm high.
The lattice formed by a profile, consists of cells of the following standard sizes:
30x30, 50x50, 60x60, 75x75, 86x86,100x100, 120x120, 150x150, 200х200 mm.
The set of a ceiling of Grilyato includes:
The U-shaped bearing guides 2,4, 1,2 long, 0,6m;
U-shaped elements of a lattice: mother element and father element;
Perimetralny profile;
Adjustable suspension;
Connecting insert (PG)

Main attributes
Producer Grigliato
Country producer Russia
Types of ceilings of "Grilyato" Blinds
Ceiling surface type Glossy
Additional characteristics
Grilyato Almata false ceilings grilyato
false ceilings of Grilyato Grilyato 100х100
ceilings grilyato Grilyato 150х150
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Rastrovyepotolki Grilyato Kod: 100027
Rastrovyepotolki Grilyato Kod: 100027
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