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Reactant chemical iron (III) sulfate

Reactant chemical iron (III) sulfate

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Ferrous sulfate (III) (Latin of Ferrum sulfuricum oxydatum, is mute. Eisensulfat (oxyd) Ferrisulfat[2]) — inorganic chemical compound, salt.
Anhydrous ferrous sulfate (III) — light yellow paramagnetic very hydroscopic crystals of monoklinny singoniya, space group P21/m, parameters of unit cell of a = 0,8296 nanometers, b = 0,8515 nanometers, c = 1,160 nanometers, β = 90,5 °, Z = 4. There are data that anhydrous ferrous sulfate forms orthorhombic and hexagonal modifications. Let's dissolve in water, it is not dissolved in ethanol.
From water n H2O where n = 12, 10, 9, 7, 6, 4, 3, 1 crystallizes in the form of Fe2(SO4) 3 crystalline hydrates ·. The most studied crystalline hydrate — nonahydrate of Fe2(SO4) 3·9H2O ferrous sulfate (III) — yellow hexagonal crystals, parameters of unit cell of a = 1,085 nanometers, c = 1,703 nanometers, Z = 4. It is well dissolved in water (440 g on 100 g of water) and ethanol (abs. ). In aqueous solutions ferrous sulfate (III) because of hydrolysis gains red - brown color. When heating nonahydrate turns at 98 °C into tetrahydrate, at 125 °C — into monohydrate and at 175 °C — into anhydrous Fe2(SO4)3 which above 600 °C decay on Fe2O3 and SO3.
  • As reactant at hydrometallurgical processing of copper ores.
  • As coagulant at sewage treatment, utility and industrial drains.
  • As pickle when coloring fabrics.
  • At skin tanning.
  • For dekapirovaniye corrosion - proof austenitic staly, gold alloys with aluminum.
  • As the floatation regulator for reduction of buoyancy of ores.
  • In medicine it is used as the knitting and styptic means.
  • In chemical industries as oxidizer and catalyst.
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Reactant chemical iron (III) sulfate
Reactant chemical iron (III) sulfate
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