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Reactant chemical sorbite of food (granule)

Reactant chemical sorbite of food (granule)

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Receive sorbite of glucose, food by hydrogenation, from which replacement of aldehydic group by group hydroxylic results. The chemical name — d - sorbite, the international (unlicensed) name — sorbitol.


Sorbite food (sorbitol, glyutsit) belongs to group of polyatomic sweet alcohols. It is registered as food additive of E420. Externally represents the crystal substance of white color which does not have smell.


Sorbite food — not only fine sakharozamenitel, but also the moisture - holding agent, teksturator, the stabilizer of color, dispersing agent, emulsifier.

Sorbite food (sorbitol, glyutsit) is widely applicable in the food industry at production of fruit and vegetable dietary canned food, confectionery, fish farshevy products, soft drinks, chewing gums. Possessing strong hygroscopicity and attracting moisture from air, sorbite food prevents hardening and drying of products (kissels, candies, fruit candy). In pharmaceutical industry sorbite food is used as strukturoobrazovatel, filler. It is necessary for production of ascorbic acid, gelatinous capsules, vitamin preparations, ointments.

This substance in the tanning, chemical, textile, tobacco, paper industries is applied. In the industry cosmetic sorbite food is used for production of shampoos, blush, gels, masks, tooth pastes, creams, deodorants and so forth.

Sorbite food represents special value in dietary food and diabetic food, being sugar substitute. At patients with diabetes does not provoke production of insulin and does not lead to increase of sugar in blood. It is acquired by organism for 98% . In compoundings sorbite food perfectly replaces glycols and glycerin.

Sorbite food (sorbitol, glyutsit) is very useful to health of the person in general. Is excellent zhelchegonny means, normalizes intestinal microflora, speeds up work of digestive tract, and also helps organism to cut consumption of some vitamins.


Sorbite food is transported by any kinds of transport.


Sorbite food (sorbitol, glyutsit) has property to attract moisture therefore store it in the dry place at temperature which does not exceed 25 C, in plastic bags.

Accident prevention

During the work with sorbite food there are no strict rules: sorbite food does not bear threat to organism.

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Reactant chemical sorbite of food (granule)
Reactant chemical sorbite of food (granule)
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