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Chemical name: glycol, tween 80, polyoxy - ethylene (20) sorbitan monooleate Description: The surface - active substance TWEEN - 80 is polyoxyethylene (20) sorbitanmonoaleat with the molar mass of 1226 g/mol. In structure of its molecule as well as in molecule NPAV TWEEN - 20, six - membered ring to which two polar chains (C2H4O)of n and (C2H4O)of m where n + m=20 are attached enters. Also unpolar hydrocarbon radical, however, unlike the molecule TWEEN - 20 is part of molecule NPAV TWEEN - 80, it contains 11 carbon atoms. Consumer properties and advantages:
  • Nonionic surfactant / emulsifier for emulsions oil - in - water;
  • Oil - in - water and water - in - oil of emulsion systems can be used in combination with different hydrophobic emulsifiers with low HLB for creation of broad range stable. (it is especially good to use in combination with fatty alcohols, such as Cetearyl alcohol. Classical kombination - Polisorbat - 80 and Sorbitan Oleate);
  • Magnificent solubilizer and the stabilizer for essential oils;
  • The moistening agent;
  • Excellent lubricant;
  • Renders the calming effect on skin;
  • The soft antistatic and conditioning properties;
  • Viscosity modifier;
  • Deflocculant;
  • Can improve growth of hair.
  • Air fresheners;
  • Sprays for body and other products in which oils need to be solubilized in water;
  • Means for washing of body;
  • Shampoos and hair conditioners (especially the means preventing hair loss);
  • Lotions, tonics;
  • Creams;
  • Oils for bathtubs and shower;
  • Bombs for bathtubs (the additive of 2 teaspoons of polysorbate - 80 to 2 cups of mix for bombs will improve and will make longer hissing of finished product);
  • The self - emulsified body scrubs with salt and sugar.

The recommended input percent in compoundings: 1 - 5% to 50% For solubilization of essential oils and fragrances it is recommended to take ratio of Polisorbata - 80 and oils/fragrances from 1: 0,5 to 1: 1. Appearance: Viscous liquid of flavourless amber color. Solubility: let's dissolve in water, oils and alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). rn: 5 - 7 (5 - 10% aqueous solution) HLB: 15 (for creation of emulsions oil - in - water)
Storage conditions: It is very stable at storage in the closed container in the dry cool place. Expiration date: At the correct storage of at least 18 months from the date of production.

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Reactant chemical Twin-80
Reactant chemical Twin-80
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