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Repair and setup of the laptop order in Almaty
Order Repair and setup of the laptop
Repair and setup of the laptop

Repair and setup of the laptop

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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If you are an owner of the laptop by whom can be required as service in a case with lag of system or system malfunctions, and carrying out more serious repair of the laptop, you always can will ask for the help our experts. Qualified specialists will carry out the full analysis of malfunctions, and as soon as possible will fix a problem.

The rechargeable battery is one of important elements of the laptop, it quite often fails. The reasons of failure of the accumulator can be:

Recharge of the battery and failure of control of the controller at long non-use of the battery.

The rechargeable battery has on average 500 cycles of a charge, one of options of failure is natural wear.

If constantly to use the laptop, without being connected to a network, wear of the battery increases and in a consequence it begins to be loaded and discharged quickly, losing capacity.

It is not recommended to repair the personal computer most. But if you decided to deal with all this, it is necessary to follow a number of rules. That beginning "master" needs to know and be able:

Are not afraid of equipment or the fact that you that you will break that.

Not to use force at all, the computer is not a tractor.

To be always attentive and careful.

And it is natural to read scientific grants on repair of the computer equipment.

First what it is not necessary to do so it anything to change in the folders "Windows", "Program Files", "Documents and Settings" if you do not represent at all for what it is necessary.

Second it, always before installation of programs which can change important settings of system it is necessary to create a system recovery point. To create a restoration point, it is necessary to come "Start-up" — "Programs" — "Standard" — "System recovery" — "To create a restoration point". Now it is always possible to restore system in a former state.

It is not recommended to change values of the register of system if you do not understand it.

Use of a large number of utilities for protection and optimization of system, influences failures and lags too, it is enough to establish of two - three utilities.

Installation of the program for cleaning of the register, will give you the chance to automatically clear it of not the necessary garbage, without having affected the necessary files.

Uninstallation of programs needs to be carried out only through "Installation and removal of programs" in "control panel". Several times a month start check of disks on mistakes.

If to follow a professional advice of "AX TECHNOLOGY", your computer will work without problems.
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Repair and setup of the laptop
Repair and setup of the laptop
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