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Repair of a testomes in Astana order in Astana
Order Repair of a testomes in Astana
Repair of a testomes in Astana

Repair of a testomes in Astana

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Kazakhstan, Astana
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Importance of a right choice of the dough mixing car On baking productions at production as the national grades of bread and bakery products, and traditional, but with the humidity significantly differing from 42-44% not to do without reliable dough mixing cars. As a rule, it is the unified equipment models allowing to carry out a test batch for the wide range of products. But producers do not stand still and try to bring various improvements guaranteeing high quality of the final product in their design. How to choose testomes, optimum for the planned productivity and the range and differing in reliability, usability and the acceptable cost? The main conditions of the choice Experts note that at the choice of a testomes it is necessary to pay attention to three conditions: - For what batch of the test it is possible to use testomes (sand, barmy, with raised or with the lowered humidity); - Dezha volume; - Technical parameters (presence of several speeds, lower level of a batch, chain or belt drive). The design of modern testomes considers features of structure of various test masses that considerably increases quality of a batch, finally and quality of finished products. Kinds of dough mixing cars the Dough mixing units presented at the Russian market can be divided into testomesa for a batch of stiff dough and a testomesa for yeast dough. Units of firms Sinmag, JEJU (Taiwan), Sigma, Zager, GGF, Gam (Italy), for abrupt - Pasquini, Sottoriva (Italy), TMM, MTU, MTVK (Russia) are suitable for a batch of yeast dough, universal testomesa are Sottoriva cars (Italy) and Diosna (Germany). So, feature of the testoprigotovitelny equipment of Sottoriva firm is that it is intended for a batch of pizza dough and the test of the lowered humidity (40-42%). Fine indicators of test preparation are provided at the expense of fork mesilny body, the fixed dezha made of stainless steel, two speeds of mesilny body. In a testomesa the tooth gearing is used that speaks about high reliability of the equipment. The protective lattice from stainless steel allows to control process of a batch and is reliable protection against undesirable intervention in technological process (prevents traumatism). At baking of national grades use of a testomes of Sottoriva can be considered as an optimal variant safely. Opinion on the price and reliability of dough mixing cars the Technologist of small baking shop at a supermarket Tatyana Zelenova noted that" … for preparation of yeast dough use of the Taiwan testomes of Sinmag firm became the optimal solution for us, such parameters as unit power are very important for this type of the test (the more powerfully, the better), presence of two speeds, reliable mesilny body. And the g-shaped otsekatel allows to smooth out a bottom of a dezha and to improve qualities of a promes. The unit works for us more than five years and there was never a need under repair or replacement of separate details". About mesilny body and volume of a dezha the Basic functional elements of a testomes are the mesilny body, a dezha and the driving mechanism. Depending on the planned productivity of a testomesa can have various volume of a bowl. So, for mini-shops at preparation of all types of the test and cream for confectionery, and also for preparation of the test for rich products testomesa of Sinmag firm (Taiwan) and Pasquini (Italy) with a volume of dezha up to 20 l can be used. High quality of a promes of test weight on all volume of a dezha is provided due to planetary rotation of mesilny body (rotation round its pivot-center, and around a dezha axis). For larger enterprises experts recommend to use testomesa with a volume of dezha of 20-80 l. The considerable part of producers, including Sinmag, JEJU (Taiwan), Sigma, Game, GGF, Pasquini (Italy) lets out a wide assortment chain of testomes that allows to choose the car with a necessary capacity of a dezha. For the large enterprises of Sottoriva firm (Italy) and Diosna (Germany) suggest to use testomesa with a volume of dezha up to 250 l. The Mesilny body of a testomes depending on its functional features can be executed in the form of a spiral, a loop (sometimes two), drops - in testomesa for yeast dough; forks, a hook in a varying degree imitating a manual batch of the test - for a batch of pizza dough, and for a batch of stiff dough are used z-shaped mesilny bodies or shovels (TMM, MTBK). Material of execution of mesilny body - the corrosion-proof metal differing in a high iznostostoykost. Features of a complete set So, testomesa of JEJU (Taiwan) can be completed with several options of a dezha that facilitates work of technologists: - a nimbus - for proteinaceous and biscuit and whipped grades of the test, and also different types of cream; - a shovel - for sand grades of the test and different types of cream; - a hook - for a batch of rather sloping yeast dough. Besides, in testomesa for yeast dough for additional study of the test and removal of excessive tension from mesilny body there is a special device - the central testootsekatel. Dezhi, as well as mesilny bodies of a testomes, have the form depending on its mission: cylindrical, trough, bowl, etc. Execution material - stainless or carbonaceous steel. Depending on a design of a testomes of a dezh during a batch can be: 1. it is not mobile (testomesa for stiff dough or a testomesa with the mesilny bodies making the planetary movement), 2. to rotate: it is freely fixed in separate testomesa and rotates due to transfer of the movement from mesilny body through the mass of the test directly of a dezha during a batch (a dezha transmission, connected with the engine of a testomes has no), in the majority of testomes of a dezh is set in motion by the driving mechanism connected with the engine of a testomes. For increase in productivity of a testomes it is necessary to pay attention to the number of independent drives for a dezha and the studied body
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Repair of a testomes in Astana
Repair of a testomes in Astana
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