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Repair of computers of the house and at office, the fast computer help order in Almaty
Order Repair of computers of the house and at office, the fast computer help
Repair of computers of the house and at office, the fast computer help

Repair of computers of the house and at office, the fast computer help

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Service Centre

Repair of the computer equipment of any complexity

we carry out high-quality repair of computers and laptops, setup of the computer equipment, we render the service "fast computer help". We work qualitatively, quickly, on reasonable prices.

Our offer to the Companies: outsourcing of IT services and subscriber services of computers. We make a full complex of services - from service of the computer equipment and the periphery to the organization and support of services of the press.

To PRIVATE clients:

  • we make repair of computers and laptops round the clock (24 hours), everywhere (in our workshop, at your place and at office). Departure of the master and diagnostics technicians are free if we after diagnostics make service or repair,
  • the computer help – any – round the clock – at home and at office.
  • modernization of computers and laptops – round the clock – everywhere, the cost is determined by amount of works,
  • diagnostics of computers – program or complex hardware-software,
  • ensuring communications - control of routers and connection to the Internet, control local and Wi-Fi of networks.


  • outsourcing of IT services – we will undertake all cares and all responsibility for productive functioning of the computer equipment and the periphery,
  • subscriber services of computers – we will give to your company periodic help (technical and organizational) in support of functioning of park your computing and office equipments.

What difficulties would not arise at you during the work with computer facilities, experts of our service will arrive to you on the first call. At the same time it is possible to address us at any time, without regard to holidays and the days off. To us it is not important what sort the help is necessary to you - whether you need repair of the computer whether contents of your hard drive eat a virus or it is necessary to install drivers to the new equipment. At any time we are ready to help you with any question! Services of our computer service are always quickly and for reasonable prices - our computer help always nearby.


Our services:

1. The general:

  • diagnostics of the software (it is free at continuation of works),
  • diagnostics of the computer and accessories at the test bench in a workshop (of 5 o'clock),
  • diagnostics of the laptop in a workshop with dismantling,
  • diagnostics and consultation without continuation of works,
  • diagnostics of the monitor, printer, player, etc. in a workshop.

2. Installation of an operating system (from a license distribution kit of the customer):

  • Windows - from 98 to 8,
  • Mac OS.
  • Linux

3. Control of an operating system:

  • setting up register,
  • graphic interface,
  • user's profile,
  • optimization of work of system.

4. The help in the PO installation (from a license distribution kit of the customer):

  • MS Office 97 - 2010,
  • antivirus software,
  • translators / dictionaries,
  • archivers,
  • utilities (additional ON),
  • graphic programs,
  • tests and diagnostics,
  • the firewall installation or another ON for safety of the personal computer,
  • covers (appearance of system),
  • Internet ON,
  • multimedia players,
  • games,
  • specialized or accounting ON (for a workplace),
  • programs of record of disks,
  • installation of additional drivers (RAID controller, sound HD, etc.),
  • installation of drivers at installation of system,
  • installation of drivers of the peripheral equipment (scanner, printer, etc.),
  • file managers.

5. Work with data and anti-virus prevention:

  • transfer, saving data from the hard drive on the hard drive,
  • cleaning of a disk and system of unnecessary and old files,
  • setting up the anti-virus software,
  • search and elimination of viruses (without the PO installation),
  • check and a sedum from "harmful" programs (trojans, worms, etc.),
  • check and cleaning of viruses of post programs,
  • complex anti-virus prevention,
  • data recording on a disk,
  • opening of a mailbox,
  • updating of anti-virus bases,
  • information search on the Internet,
  • restoration ON,
  • restoration of the hard drive,
  • formatting / breakdown of the hard drive,
  • change like file system,
  • correction of logical mistakes on the hard drive,
  • setting up the post program.

6. Control of connection to the Internet:

  • control of connection to the Internet through a local network,
  • on the VPN channel,
  • on the ADSL (STRIM) technology,
  • through GPRS,
  • through dialup access (Dial-Up),
  • replenishment of Internet balance,
  • registration, control of the Internet.

7. Work with the wireless Wi-fi networks:

  • design of a wireless network,
  • installation of equipment and networks,
  • positioning of the external antenna,
  • installation of a mast,
  • installation of the wireless network interface card,
  • installation, connection and control of a point of access Wi-Fi, router,
  • security setting of a wireless network,
  • router reinsertion,
  • control of routing of a network,
  • connection of a wireless network to the Internet,
  • optimization of speed of wireless connection,
  • optimization of a noise stability of a wireless network,
  • connection diagnostics.

8. Recovery of data:

  • diagnostics of the hard drive in a workshop,
  • restoration of file system,
  • recovery of data after formatting, removals of the section, etc.
  • recovery of data after physical damage of the carrier,
  • restoration of the personal computer after program or hardware failure.

9. Scheduled maintenance:

  • check of a surface of the hard drive,
  • defragmentation of the hard drive,
  • Internet Explorer security update,
  • optimization of software configurations,
  • installation of updates of an operating system,
  • elimination of critical mistakes in the system register,
  • creation of an image of a system / disk.

10. Installation and software configuration and network equipment:

  • installation of the switchboard,
  • installation and control of a router,
  • installation and setup of the network interface card,
  • organization of a local network (software configuration + connection),
  • setup of the network printer.

11. Installation works:

  • departure of the engineer for work of measurements (across Moscow) = 0 rubles,
  • installation of a cable channel: plastic, metal,
  • installation of a ceiling P-shaped arm for a suspension bracket of a cable, the switching panel, cross-country,
  • breakdown patch panel,
  • installation of the connectors RJ-45, RJ-12,
  • installation of the switchboard in and out of a switching case,
  • installation of external and internal sockets: network, telephone,
  • laying of a cable in cable channels and laying of a cable out of cable channels,
  • pass through plasterboard, brick, concrete overlapping,
  • assembly of a floor or wall case,
  • marking and testing of ports.

12. Diagnostics of the equipment and accessories:

  • monitor,
  • scanner,
  • printer,
  • modem,
  • motherboard,
  • CD ROM,
  • network interface card,
  • FDD disk drive,
  • video / sound card,
  • power supply unit,
  • hard drive,
  • processor,
  • random access memory.

13. Installation, prevention, repair of the computer and replacement of accessories:

  • installation of the motherboard,
  • power supply unit,
  • cartridge,
  • hard drive,
  • internal / external modem,
  • video / sound / network card / TV tuner,
  • random access memory,
  • processor / fan,
  • scanner / printer,
  • video cameras,
  • mechanical / optical mouse,
  • usual / wireless keyboard,
  • joystick and other game devices,
  • connection of the computer,
  • prevention (cleaning) of the mouse / keyboard,
  • connection of usual stereo speakers / 5.1 and above,
  • replacement of the case (hardware replacement),
  • repair of CD ROM (on the place),
  • repair of the printer / scanner (on the place),
  • cleaning of the personal computer,
  • connection of the personal computer to the telephone socket.

14. Setup of accessories and ON:

  • setup of the modem and GPRS modem,
  • video card / TV tuner,
  • monitor,
  • network interface card,
  • sound card,
  • scanner / printer,
  • HDD (including HDD controller).

15. PDA control:

  • connection of a PDA to the system unit,
  • software configuration for work with a PDA.

16. Intergration and development of server systems on the basis of Windows:

  • design of a hardware and program configuration of the server,
  • testing of the server regarding speed and fault tolerance,
  • control of a directory service Active Directory,
  • control of services DNS, DHCP, RRAS, IIS, services of terminals, network safety, VPN,
  • turning on of the workstation in the domain,
  • transfer of a profile of the user,
  • creation of a network profile,
  • organization of the Internet gateway,
  • setup of the e-mail server and e-mail client,
  • setup of the proxy server, firewall, DBMS, means of collecting statistics (account and analysis of a traffic),
  • porting of the controller of the domain,
  • organization of system of backup of data, reserve Internet channel, protection against spam, system of remote administration,
  • recovery of the forgotten passwords,
  • control of server anti-virus protection,
  • organization of intra network instant messaging.

17. Additional services:

  • delivery of the equipment from the client in a workshop and from a workshop, accessories to the customer,
  • individual training,
  • recovery of data (including RAID).
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Repair of computers of the house and at office, the fast computer help
Repair of computers of the house and at office, the fast computer help
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