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Reservation of communication channels (Republic of Kazakhstan)

Reservation of communication channels (Republic of Kazakhstan)

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandICE-5

The ICE NET company offers the service IceNet@reserve in creation of the alternative secure channels of communication created in the Internet on the basis of the OpenVPN technology.

Uniqueness of this service is that the additional expensive allocated communication channels will not be necessary for you for the organization of alternative channels of communication, also as well as public (static) IP addresses, alternative channels of communication will be automatically created at the termination of functioning of the main allocated communication channels, without involvement of technical specialists.

If you already have allocated communication channels for merging of remote offices or objects in a uniform corporate network, but reservation of the operating communication channels from 100% by security, then this service for you is required.

The essence of the service IceNet@reserve consists in the following: we provide to the subscribers for rent specialized universal devices locks of safety of "ICE-5". These devices have the compact size (140 x 115 x 30 mm) and can be used, both in stationary option, and in figurative. Two (or more) such devices at connection to the Internet through any provider, in any geographic location, automatically form among themselves the protected connection, a secure channel of communication on which it is possible to transfer any information streams (a voice, video, data). The reserved corporate network of your company means association of two or more locks of safety "ICE-5" in a uniform reserve network. In parallel your operating corporate network is connected to these ICE-5 devices. Locks of safety of "ICE-5" ― intelligent devices, at failure of the main allocated communication channel, within 1 — 2 seconds the alternative channel of communication therefore your corporate network and yours of boundaries office communication channels will be for 100% always available and efficient will automatically join.

So, basic elements in reservation of communication channels and a corporate network are locks of safety of "ICE-5", they need to be had in such quantity how many remote offices to you will be required to unite alternative channels of communication. The local network of remote office, the allocated operating channel of access to a corporate network and the Internet channel of any provider, wire or wireless, all the same, any have to be connected to each ICE-5 device. At connection of a lock of safety of "ICE-5" to the Internet, within 1 — 2 minutes there will be an automatic connection with a corporate network of your enterprise. These connections will be established on the allocated tunnels on the Internet. Information which will be transferred and be accepted in a corporate network will be protected from interception and access from the outside. If the operating allocated communication channels function regularly, then alternative channels of communication will be is in a waiting mode until so far any of the main communication channels will not cease to function. After restoration of service on the main communication channel, the alternative channel will revert to the original state, to a waiting mode.

The service IceNet@reserve can be realized in various options, from the organization of one alternative channel a point-to-point (for example a communication channel between the house and office for the organization of remote video surveillance, broadcast of direct telephone numbers and other services), before reservation of a big multipoint extensive network.

Advantages of this decision:

  • Budgetary, but at the same time very reliable decision;

  • Usability, everything is automated, connect and use;

  • Universality of the used equipment: the lock of safety of "ICE-5" can be used both in stationary option, and in figurative or mobile when using Internet channels of standards 3G/4G;
  • Control of access for users to remote resources;
  • Possibility of audit and control of a traffic of users;
  • Expansion speed at office: of 10 minutes;
  • Round-the-clock technical support;
  • Free replacement of a lock of safety of "ICE-5" in case of its exit out of operation.
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Reservation of communication channels (Republic of Kazakhstan)
Reservation of communication channels (Republic of Kazakhstan)
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