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Respilon AIR - a window membrane from nanofibre! buy in Astana
Buy Respilon AIR - a window membrane from nanofibre!
Respilon AIR - a window membrane from nanofibre!

Respilon AIR - a window membrane from nanofibre!

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandRespilon
  • Country of manufactureCzech Republic
  • Type of filterHEPA filter
  • ColorTransparent
  • Profile140 (ширина)  cm
  • ConditionNew
  • Humidification of airNo
  • OzonationNo

Respilon AIR® is a new level of protection of your house and your family!

In difference from mosquito grids, the membrane of Respilon AIR® will protect your house not only from insects, but also from dust, rain water, viruses, bacteria, pollen and fungal dispute!

Respilon AIR® - belongs to the category of the filtering materials with efficiency of PM 2, 5 (ability of 100% of filtering of particles of 2, 5 in size µм less). Thus, the membrane is suitable for use in houses where the people having an allergy and asthma, also as those people who suffer from cardiovascular frustration or pulmonary diseases, the pollution of the air environment living in zones or regions with high level live.

Unique ability of a filtration is provided by a layer from nanofibre being in a membrane. Respilon AIR® membrane on technical properties is the three - layer material containing nonwoven fabric like spanbond and a layer from nanofibre. The fabric components used for creation of a membrane are steady against radiation UF. The Szhatost of layers is provided with expansion of layers.

Possible applications of a membrane of Respilon AIR®

The membrane was developed for installation in windows for a filtration of the flying dust in air, pollen and dispute of a mold from environment in houses and office buildings, apartments and other rooms. The membrane can be used in:

- the fixed window barriers established by means of the specialized companies in windows and doorframes

- the self - adhesive window barriers established in windows and doorframes in house application

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Respilon AIR - a window membrane from nanofibre!
Respilon AIR - a window membrane from nanofibre!
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