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Robotized vertical table with function of lower limbs development GR-9900  buy in Almaty

Robotized vertical table with function of lower limbs development GR-9900

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  • BrandAspasia LTD
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan

Robotized table - standing frame with the function of developing lower extremities GR - 9900

Robotic table - standing frame to the lower limbs development function GR - 9900 - acceleration of early rehabilitation in bed patients with neurological disorders .

Patients who are confined to bed for a long time can experience cardiovascular system dysfunctions, decreased lung function, muscle atrophy, demineralization of bone tissue, and the risk of injury from sudden sudden ascent.

The functional state of many body organs and systems can be significantly improved if the patient assumes an upright position and receives motor therapy.

After a neurological injury and subsequent prolonged bed rest, patients are forced to gradually adapt to the vertical position, but the static verticalization of patients on the classic vertical table often causes complications from the cardiovascular system.

The GR - 9900 verticalizer table allows a convenient and accurate 90 ° elevation with the help of an electric motor.

With the GR - 9900 system, stagnant phenomena can be avoided and rigidity of the lower limbs can be controlled.

A powerful and reliable electric motor is capable of operating at a load of up to 150 kg.

The patient is securely secured with three soft fixing belts.

The motor is controlled by the microcomputer system with the central control panel or from a remote control.

The foot section is made of stainless steel and can be easily removed for convenient patient placement.

There is support for the hands.

All system operation is controlled by a computer system, including changing the table tilt angle.

The foot spasm recognition system helps to avoid injuries.

Automated control and programming of tasks according to the individual needs of the patient.

The touch screen allows the doctor to adjust the movements of the lower limbs (speed and amplitude of movements), and provides additional functions.

The asymmetrical mode allows you to adjust the volume of movements for each lower limb separately.

Patient settings and training information (for example, such as the duration of the exercise and the number of steps) are displayed on the monitor during the session and can be saved to document the patient's progress.


· Size:

· length of 2250 mm,

· width 730 mm,

· height 580 - 970 mm

· section Mass: 130 kg

· Maximum load: 150 kg

· Size soft panel section: 1900 mm × 700 mm × ^ 60 mm ^

· Chain: 220 V, 60 Hz

· section tilt angle: 0 - 90 °

· limb movement speed: 20 mm 1 s/ (max)


· Control: computerized A621DD1FB9F 313A95D8CB8C4AB036F7A

· Control screen: color, LCD, touchscreen

· Control of the stepping system: each leg is separately controlled;

· Maximum height: 2500 mm

· The speed of the stepping system: 0 - 60 steps/min.

· The angle of inclination of the dorsal section: 150 - 200

· Elongation leg section: 100 mm

· The angle of inclination of the section: 0 - 80

motion speed from a lower to a higher position - ^ ^ Unloading to: 7.0mm/with ± 10% , 28 ± 10% /per second - Unloading down: 7.0mm/with ± 10% , 28 ± 10% /per second - 100kg load up to: 4.8 mm/with ± 30% - 100 kg unloading down: 7.0mm/with ± 30% o pushing power: push - 2000N o ambient environment: + 5 to + 40

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