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Karyer-Komplekt LLP offers delivery of the following range rolikoopor from a warehouse. The price of each position depends on the volume of the order and terms of its performance and is subject to specification at the manager.
It is possible to learn the exact price on each position having called us by phone, or having issued the application on the website.

Conveyor rolikoopor are intended for support, giving of a necessary form and ensuring centering of the top and lower branches of a working tape in tape conveyors (conveyors).

Top channeled rolikoopor.
The top rolikoopor can be made in several options of execution: unary, double, threefold, with the taken-out separately deflektorny rollers. A tilt angle of a lateral roller - 20 ° or 30 °. This look a rolikoopor serves for support to the top channeled cargo bearing branch in the conveyor. Tape width - in the range of 400 - 2000 mm, diameter of a roller - 89-159 mm.
The top channeled strengthened rolikoopor intend for transportation on the top branch of a tape of the materials having the size of pieces of 150 - 500 mm. They find application in heavy-duty main conveyors, for example, in coal mines, mines and so forth.

Rolikoopora the top channeled shock-absorbing.
If to compare shock-absorbing rolikoopor with smooth (not futerovanny), then it is possible to find a number of advantages in the first: they provide the tape course without breakthroughs, keeping bearings from breakages, there is no need to clear the lower part of a tape, etc. The rolikoopor given a look is established in places of loading of a tape with a step in half-meter and less (considering the loadings operating on them).

Rolikoopora the top channeled aligning.
These rolikoopor are intended for deduction of a tape in the set direction and prevention of a descent of a tape on the party. Establish on the conveyor approximately through each 20-25 m.

Rolikoopora lower straight lines.
It is used for maintenance of a single branch of the conveyor. The step gets out of calculation 1 support on 2,4 - 3 m.

Rolikoopora top straight lines.
Rolikoopora the top straight lines establish as ordinary rolikoopor of the top branch when the flat bearing tape is necessary. A step same, as at channeled a rolikoopor. This look a rolikoopor is applied to support of the lower branch of a tape, establishing them on arms of racks in a middle part of supporting frameworks for simplification of installation and service a rolikoopor.

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