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Roller design.

The outer shell is made of a pipe of the corresponding diameter. Electric - welded steel pipes are used according to GOST 10706 - 80, GOST 3262, GOST 10704, if necessary and agreed with the customer, it is possible to use seamless hot - deformed steel pipes GOST 8732 - 78

The side bearing cheek is stamped out of metal, which provides high rigidity and low weight, unlike solid - turned ones. 3 types of bearing cheeks are manufactured,


  1. Stamped with a deep drawing under the bearing. or stamped on the outer diameter and with a welded pipe for the bearing. The roller is marked RKS.

  2. Turned steel body. Marked by RKT

  3. The body is made of plastic, marked with RKP

The roller has a collapsible design on locking rings. The side bearing cheeks are rolled into the housing - the edges of the roller have a smooth radius, and the internal volume is hermetically sealed from environmental influences.

According to the accuracy of execution, the rollers are produced in two types:

  1.  Rollers of normal resistance  are made of ferrous metal pipes, they do not have an additional designation.

  2.  Primed rollers  – primer (gray) is applied on the outer surface, additional designation Gr.

  3.  Painted rollers - primer is applied, and paint is applied on top of it (color at the request of the customer), the standard color is red by winding. Additional designation O.

  4.  The rollers of increased resistance  are made of galvanized pipes, the side cheek of the bearing is also galvanized. Additionally marked Ots.

  5.  Rollers with high resistance to aggressive environments  are made of stainless steel (steel grade and internal structure of the roller are additionally agreed upon when ordering). The roller is additionally marked Stainless steel.  

According to the type of lubricity, 3 types are available.

  1. Individual . The bearing is loaded with grease during assembly at the factory, designed for a certain period of operation. After the expiration of the period, it is necessary to disassemble the bearing assembly and lay a new portion of the lubricant. The most common design has no additional designation.

  2. Through oil cans . Designed for periodic lubrication of bearing units without dismantling the roller. In the axes of the rollers from the ends there are threaded holes for oilers and there is a channel to the bearing cavity, where the lubricant enters when it is injected with a special syringe. It has the additional designation M.

  3. Centralized lubrication.  The design is carried out together with a roller bearing, along which lubricant tubes are laid, connected to the rollers, and on the other hand with a lubricant reservoir, which has a lever for injecting lubricant, or there is a point at which lubricant is pumped with a portable syringe. Lubrication is supplied to all lubrication points on a given idler (eg 3 rollers - 6 bearings, 6 points). Designated C.




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Roller belt conveyor
Roller belt conveyor
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