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Roof thermal insulation in Astana

Roof thermal insulation in Astana

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At the existing variety in the market of heat-insulating materials, it should be noted the fact that all of them have one small shortcoming - in order that the heater carried out the mission, it has to be attached to the warmed surface. And it is attached so that between it and the air layer did not remain a surface, otherwise condensate is inevitable. At installation of sheet heaters should pay special attention cracks and places an adjunction, otherwise expenditure and works will be vain. Moisture all the same will appear. And moisture is damp walls, the increased heatlosses and emergence on walls of a mold and a fungus.

The alternative is! RIGID POLYURETHANE FOAM.

Polyurethane foam (PPU) is applied on any surface and foams, sticking to it. Force of sticking (adhesion) of PPU surpasses the gluing abilities of all modern glues. At a dusting polyurethane foam fills all microcracks in the liquid state under pressure, and then foams and increases in volume. The uniform covering without joints is formed. The effect of a thermos unattainable at use of other materials is provided.

Density — 35-50 kg/cubic meter.

Heat conductivity coefficient — 0,03 W/m *

Moisture absorption coefficient — 2-3%

Effective service life — from 15 to 50 years.

Between the raised dust PPU and a surface there is no air layer, so there is no place for condensate emergence here, and will never be!

Polyurethane foam is irreplaceable if the warmed surface has difficult geometry or a relief.

Polyurethane foam does not decay, does not absorb water, it is not gnawed by mice and it, contrary to rumors, is absolutely harmless. For an example, at polar stations in the Arctic and Antarctic as a heater PPU with a density of 45-60 kg/cubic meter is used, space stations are isolated by the same rigid polyurethane foam since only this material is capable to work in the conditions of extreme temperature drop.

The only minus - cost is slightly higher than it, than sheet and rolled heaters, but PPU is put once and practically forever! Polyurethane foam service life in comparison with sheet and rolled heaters incommensurably is more and makes not less than 25 years. If PPU does not contact directly to environment, then service life increases till 50 and more years. As a result building thermal insulation with PPU appears much more profitable. Such technology provides you tranquility and comfort under any weather conditions for many years.

Hangars from the pro-thinned-out metal.
Shops, warehouses, vegetable storehouses.
Penthouses and roofs of cottages, houses, buildings.
Walls, ceilings, floors.
Garages, cellars, loggias.
Refrigerating and freezers.
Thermal insulation of pipelines and many other things.

Thermal insulation polyurethane foam is the choice of practical and competent people!
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Roof thermal insulation in Astana
Roof thermal insulation in Astana
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