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Roofing EPDM membrane of RubberGard Roofing Membrane buy in Astana
Buy Roofing EPDM membrane of RubberGard Roofing Membrane
Roofing EPDM membrane of RubberGard Roofing Membrane

Roofing EPDM membrane of RubberGard Roofing Membrane

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandFirestone Building Products
  • Country of manufactureUnited States
  • PurposeFor roofing

Roofing EPDM membrane of RubberGard EPDM Roofing Membrane

1. Description

EPDM the membrane of RubberGard EPDM of production Firestone represents completely vulcanized roofing membrane made of synthetic rubber on the basis of copolymer of ethylene, propylene and diyenovy monomer. Each sheet of this material consists of two layers of standard structure.

2. Preparation

The design of a roof has to be rather strong to maintain temporary loadings. The bases have to be pure, smooth, dry, and also not have sharp edges, loose or foreign materials, traces of the oils, greasings and other materials capable to damage a membrane. All superficial emptiness more than 5 mm wide have to be properly filled with a suitable filler.

3. Laying

Before connection or final fixing of a membrane it is necessary to give it the chance to revert to the original state within 30 minutes after expansion of a roll. Lay RubberGard EPDM membrane according to instructions and recommendations about laying.

4. Consumption rate

The necessary quantity of a membrane calculates taking into account need of a covering it the bases, including an overlap on seams (100 mm for standard seams - 200 mm for the seams which are carried out in mechanical systems) and vertical aprons of adjunctions. Besides, for simplification of work with material it is necessary to provide an additional stock (150 mm) in places of crossing with vertical elements of a roof.

5. Physical characteristics

■ Excellent resistance to influence of an ultraviolet and ozone

■ the Working interval of temperatures from -45 °C to 130 °C

■ Preservation of elasticity at low temperatures and heat resistance to 250 °C

■ Excellent resistance to impact of alkaline rains and to a lesser extent to influence of oil products. It is necessary to avoid contact of this material with mineral and vegetable oils, oil products, hot bitumen and lubricants

6. Technical characteristics

■ Thickness - 1,14 mm +/-10%;
1,52 mm of +/-10% Face value are 10%

■ Strength at stretching => 8 N/mm2

■ Relative lengthening - 300% of ASTM D 412 (Die C) 300 of %, usually 450% ■ Resistance to a rupture of EN 12310-2 50 N ASTM D 624 (Die C) 26,3 of kN/m, usually 35 kN/m

■ Frost resistance of IN 495-5 ASTM 02137

■ Resistance to an ultraviolet of ASTM G 53-84 Lack of cracks of 4000 hours of QUV, UVB 313

■ Ozone resistance of ASTM D 1149 Lack of cracks

■ Stability of the EN sizes of 1107.2 0,5% of ASTM D 1204 1 of %

■ Water absorption of UEAtc § 4.3.13 1% Note: As the system of the European standards continues to develop, the request to address to Technical service of the Firestone company (Firestone Technical Services) or on web the website of the Firestone Building Products Europe company. Storage: To store far from sources of punctures and physical damage. To store far from ignition sources as under the influence of naked flame ignition of a membrane is possible. Expiration date: It is not limited.

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Roofing EPDM membrane of RubberGard Roofing Membrane
Roofing EPDM membrane of RubberGard Roofing Membrane
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