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Sacking 220 gr/sq.m.

Sacking 220 gr/sq.m.

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureRussia

The sacking – represents the rough fabric having the ultrahigh durability and rigidity. This material is received from the thick grubostebelny fibers connected among themselves by a calico weave. As raw materials for receiving a yarn use flax, jute or mix of these fibers, etc. These fibers, besides the rigidity, differ still in resistance to insects and durability. Area density of a sacking makes from 210 to 400 g/m ².

Most often meshkovy fabric is used in technical needs that causes its not striking color and rough structure.

However the sacking finds the application and in applied art, as material for production of hand-made articles, pictures, etc.

Depending on appointment the sacking shares on:

  • bag fabric – the classical sacking applied to mopping, tailoring of bags and also it is used in construction during the carrying out plaster works, a list of walls;
  • packing fabric - material of lower density, than a usual sacking, is used both for mopping, and for packing of goods.

Basic purpose of a sacking is preservation of a gigiyenichnost, integrity and safety of foodstuff, technical devices and devices. It also causes characteristics of bag fabric:

  • hygroscopicity or ability it is good to absorb moisture – gives the chance to use material for cleaning and cleaning of rooms;
  • moisture permeability – ability it is good to pass air, interfering thereby with development of pathogenic microorganisms and fungi. This property causes application of a sacking for storage of a harvest;
  • resistance to an obvetrivaniye - allows fabric to resist to influence of streams of wind;
  • wear resistance, durability and resistance to mechanical damages – this complex of characteristics allows to use bag fabric in the industry for carrying of cargoes within loading range, etc.

Thanks to the various properties bag fabric became the universal material which found application in many fields of activity:

  • in life: as cleaning material for cleaning and mopping, for storage of luggage, electric devices, shelter of lawns, etc.;
  • in the industry: for production of bags, some types of overalls, production of upholstered furniture and curtains, mattresses, wine packings;
  • in arts and crafts – for production of hand-made articles and art compositions;
  • in agriculture and in warehouse economy: for transportation and storage of vegetables, fruit, dry loose and not loose products, and also for packing of saplings, a zastil of lawns, protection of root system of trees, etc.

Our company carries out wholesale deliveries of a sacking from the warehouse. We are ready to offer you several options of bag fabric in rolls on 100 meters for various needs at the lowest prices.

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Sacking 220 gr/sq.m.
Sacking 220 gr/sq.m.
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