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Saffron oil for face "Kumkumadi" 25ml  buy in Almaty
Buy Saffron oil for face "Kumkumadi" 25ml
Saffron oil for face "Kumkumadi" 25ml

Saffron oil for face "Kumkumadi" 25ml

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How Kumkumadi works The first signs of rejuvenation - after 5 days of application If applied at night, you will see the changes already the next morning. First of all, an attentive female look will notice the improvement of the color of the skin. This will happen because Kumkumadi first of all restores blood circulation in the skin. The blood moves faster and fills the capillaries better. Intensive circulation and gives the skin a healthy color. Pallor and yellowness disappear. Another nice news is the restoration of the oval face. Every day it will become clearer. One of the reasons for this speed of Kumkumadi is sesame oil in its composition. Sesame oil can penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin. Ayurveda mixes other active substances with sesame oil, and oil quickly "delivers" them to all layers of cells, down to the deepest. Changes become noticeable for everyone - after 6-10 days of use. After 6-10 days, the first changes for the better will become permanent. They begin to notice others. Among these "first swallows" - smoothing the surface of the skin, reducing wrinkles and flabbiness. The full effect of the course - after 3-4 weeks of application For 3-4 weeks of daily application Kumkumadi fully manifests its main effect - restores the natural regeneration of the skin, makes it permanent and intense, as in youth. Normal blood circulation restores even color and pearl shade of the skin. The skin again gives birth to many young cells. In young cells there is a complete metabolism. The skin is quickly released from toxins. Dead cells are exfoliated in a timely manner. Together with them, yellowness, dullness and "parchment skin" go away. The layers of old cells are replaced by new layers. The new layers consist of elastic young cells filled with collagen. The sagging stops. The face and neck are tightened. New cells build a new skin contour - without wrinkles. If the skin had pigmentation spots - they go away with the old cells. The faster the regeneration - the faster the stains disappear. First they become invisible, eventually disappear completely. The same happens with other chronic traces on the skin: cavities from acne and acne, scarami. Week after week they are erased. Gradually, but constantly. Repeated courses and daily use The action of Kumkumadi has the property of accumulating. Regular application strengthens and fixes its effects. How to use Kumkumadi and what to choose - pure oil or cream Pure Kumkumadi oil gives the strongest and fastest effect. However, pure oil leaves a clear yellow hue on the light skin. This is because the oil contains a large amount of saffron. If you need to appear daily in public, we recommend using oil for the night, so that by morning it has absorbed into the skin without a trace. And in the morning, use the cream. This combination will give the maximum effect. The cream acts slightly weaker than oil, but it is more convenient to use it, it does not leave oil stains and does not stain the skin. They can be used daily, in the morning and in the evening. The cream is designed specifically for those situations where it is uncomfortable to use pure oil. We can say that the use of the cream for a month gives the same effect that the use of oil for 2 weeks. Oil should be used by courses. Apply 2-3 weeks and do the same break between courses. The cream, on the contrary, is designed for constant daily use. You can alternate the use of oil with the use of cream. The course of application of oil gives a quick "shock" effect. And the subsequent daily application of a cream supports and gradually deepens this effect. Both cream and oil function equally well on all skin types. The oil can be used for the skin of the whole body. The cream is intended for use on the face skin, including the skin around the eyes, and the decollete zone. Oil and cream need to be applied very little. The point here is not in quantity, but in the regularity of application.

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Saffron oil for face "Kumkumadi" 25ml
Saffron oil for face "Kumkumadi" 25ml
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