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Sangram Herbal Scrub - 100gr

Sangram Herbal Scrub - 100gr

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Facial Scrub Sangam Herbals

Translated "scrub" means "to rub", "scrape", which means exactly the essence of this cosmetic product. Their main purpose is to exfoliate the keratinized surface cells, deep cleansing of the skin and preparing it for effective action of masks, creams, serums and any cosmetic procedures. In addition to soft removal of dead cells of the epidermis, scrubs stimulate blood circulation, so that active substances quickly absorbed into the deep layers of the skin. Scrubs activate the process of cell regeneration, softening and opening the pores of the skin. Purified surface skin cells with "gratitude" respond to the influx of oxygen, and as a result - the skin tone is leveled, the undesirable pigmentation significantly decreases.
Usually, after applying the scrub, the skin acquires elasticity and smoothness, followed by a radiant, healthy look to replace the tired and drooping shade.

Scrub on the basis of aloe vera juice with walnuts

Scrub from Sangam Herbals based on Aloe Vera juice with walnuts designed specifically for gentle effective care of the face and neck on the basis of organic Aloe Vera juice.
As a cleansing, polishing scrub component, a gentle abrasive powder is used from walnut partitions evenly connected to the cream base of the scrub in the ideal proportions necessary for effective cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing the face and decollete skin.

active ingredients scrub:

absolute and essential "component of beauty" as a part of the cream base scrub course are active biological substances of organic Aloe Vera. In ancient Ayurvedic treatises of India he is lovingly called "Kumari", which means "Young, young, flowering freshness", and not without reason believe in the ability of Aloe Vera to bestow the above qualities of all who wish to have them.
One of the main active components of Aloe Vera are polysaccharides, which have a moisturizing effect. They also have the ability to support and stimulate local immunity.
Aloe Vera juice contains a full - fledged antioxidant complex consisting of vitamins A, E, C and a unique superoxide dismutase (SOD). The juice also contains salicylic acid, which has a cleansing, antiseptic effect regulating the function of the sebaceous glands of the skin.
Aloe Vera juice is one of the few plants containing a full range of minerals and amino acids - more than 20 minerals and 18 amino acids. Than the walnut is useful?

Abrasive component - a gentle powder made from chopped Walnut partitions is not less healing and unique in its properties.
The use of walnut is unconditional. "The tree of life" as he was reverently called for a whole bunch of healing, strength - restoring qualities.

  • Walnut is an excellent source of vitamin E, which enhances the processes of skin regeneration and rejuvenation; vitamin E promotes the production of collagen by deep layers of skin - the protein of "youth and beauty", through which the elasticity and elasticity of the skin is restored, small wrinkles are smoothed out.
  • Walnut is rich in antioxidants, potassium, fiber, vitamins, and especially vitamin F, which is particularly attractive for use in cosmetics
  • Walnut rich in antioxidants, which is great on the skin, removing the "tired" appearance, saturating the skin with radiance, health and beauty.
  • The walnut partitions are saturated with iodine contained in them, which provides additional enrichment of the skin cells with microelements, while simultaneously improving cellular respiration, opening and clearing the pores of excess skin fat, increasing oxygen flow to the deep layers of the skin and penetrating ability of the skin for useful constituents of subsequent cosmetics (creams, whey, etc. )
  • Walnut is saturated with vitamin F, an indispensable component in the creation of cleansing boiling cosmetic compositions.
  • Walnuts, thanks to a unique set of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, have pronounced anti - inflammatory and antifungal properties. The combination of Aloe Vera with walnuts, used in the face scrub of Sangam Herbals is truly alive to the skin, allowing in a matter of minutes to "wipe from the face" drooping, dull look, give the skin a radiant freshness and an energetic look.


Apply to damp skin a little scrub and soft circular motions, clean the face, then rinse with warm water and scrub residues. Scrub gently removes dead skin cells, provides gentle skin care, cleans pores, removes black dots. The skin becomes fresh, smooth, velvety. Has a pronounced moisturizing effect.

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Sangram Herbal Scrub - 100gr
Sangram Herbal Scrub - 100gr
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