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Scales analytical AND HR-250A

Scales analytical AND HR-250A

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Kazakhstan, Pavlodar
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Technical characteristics
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Scales analytical AND HR-250A
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The HR-AZ/HR-A series Compact analytical scales High precision at the low price

Scales analytical AND HR-100A/HR-150A/HR-250A/HR-150AZ/HR-250AZ

Main functions

  • - - - Fast stabilization (no more than 2 seconds) due to application of a superhybrid sensor A&-D
  • - - - Big easily removable wind-shelter boxing with an antistatic covering
  • - - - Minimum size of the basis of the device: 198 mm ×-294 mm (It is less than the A4 format)
  • - - - Sliding doors of wind-shelter boxing do not demand existence of additional free space on a desktop
  • - - - Automatic calibration by means of the built-in calibration weight (HR-AZ model)
  • - - - Well readable inversion ZhK display
  • - - - 14 various units of measure, including units programmed by the user
  • - - - A possibility of unloading of information in various GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO formats
  • - - - Function of the automatic account of objects with algorithm of increase of the accuracy (ACAI)
  • - - - Function of percentage weighing
  • - - - Control of speed of a response and function of deduction of result
  • - - - Function of statistical calculations
  • - - - The comparator with a sound signal
  • - - - Function of automatic inclusion / switching off
  • - - - Subbottom hook
  • - - - Function of determination of density (the set of accessories is delivered separately)
  • - - - Rechargeable battery (option)
  • - - - Guarantee period 2 years

Technical characteristics

Model HR-250AZ/HR-250A HR-150AZ/HR-150A HR-100AZ/HR-100A
Greatest Limit of Weighing (GLW) 252 g 152 g 102 g
Discretization 0.1 mg
Repeatability (SKO) From 0 to 200 g: 0.1 mg
from 200 to 252 g: 0.2 mg
0.1 mg
Linearity ±-0.3 mg ±-0.2 mg
Sensitivity drift (10 ° - Cto 30 ° - C) ±-2 ppm/°C
Size vesovovy platforms (diameter) 90 mm



Compact analytical scales of the HR-AZ/A series



Discretization of 0,1 mg

Analytical scales of the HR-AZ/A series have discretization of 0,1 mg.

The increased NPV

In comparison with scales of the previous HR series in the HR-AZ/A series naibolshiypredet weighings it was increased with - 210 g (HR-200), 120 g (HR-120) and 60 g (HR-60) to 252 g (HR-250AZ/A), 152 g (HR-150AZ/A) and 102 (HR-100AZ/A) respectively.

Stabilization of scales in 2 seconds due to application of the C-SHS technology

High speed of stabilization allows to raise proizvoditelnostves and completely corresponds to needs of the user.

Calibration with use of the built-in weight and a pneumatic pomp

This function allows to make calibration quickly and korrektnonazhatiy only one key. - The Metodneposredstvenny drive in which air pressure is used differs in laconic structure, high reliability and a bezotkaznymmekhanizm. -

Rental antidraught box

Antidraught boxing easily is removed at the expense of primeneniyaspetsialny system of fastening. It does scales extremely compact, oblegchayetprotsess cleanings, and also allows to use them in glove chambers - - and chambers with controlled vneshnimiusloviya.

Antistatic covering of antidraught boxing

Antidraught boxing in scales of the HR-AZ/A series is covered with an antistaticheskimveshchestvo which blocks the static electricity created by vneshnimifaktor (for example, clothes), and thus provides a stabilnoyevzveshivaniye.

Antidraught boxing is made of plastic

Scales of the HR-AZ/A series meet standards of FDA/HACCP which to zapreshchayutispolzovat glass in lines of production of food or drugs.

Small basic surface: 198 mm x 294 mm

The basic surface of scales is even less than a sheet of paper of the A4 format (210 mm x 297 mm) that allows to use them at a lack of a free rabochegoprostranstvo.

Sliding rotary doors

Due to use of rotary doors, unlike obychnykhanalitichesky scales, from HR-AZ/A series models access to a chamber of a vzveshivaniyaszada does not require additional space.

The accurate, negative LCD display with illumination

Contrast of the black-and-white display provides a prekrasnuyuchitayemost - even in badly lit rooms.

Vesiculate level on the face of scales

Vesiculate level always is in a visibility range of a privyravnivaniya of scales that is especially actual at frequent change of a mestopolozheniyaustroystvo.

Fourteen units of measure

The wide choice of units of measure &ndash - mg, ounce, troy ounce, carat, megohm, pennyweight, thawed, tolite, piece (in the account mode), % (in the mode of vychisleniyaprotsent) - and DS (in the izmereniyaplotnost mode). Besides, the user can program a sobstvennuyuedinitsa of measurement, for example, at calculation of GSM (grams on square meter) the vtsellyulozny or textile industry.

Compliance to norms of GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO

In compliance with norms of GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO in HR-AZ/A series scales predusmotrenvyvod on the printing of information with data - the oproizvoditel, model, serial number, ID number, date and time (tolkodlya the HR-AZ models), free space for the signature and records of a srezultatama of calibration.

Function of the clock and a calendar (only for the HR-AZ models)

Output data can include date and time for the subsequent reference.

Adjustable speed of a response

Three presets of speed of weighing and stabilization of scales (FAST, MIDI SLOW) are provided for minimization of influence of drafts and vibration.

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Scales analytical AND HR-250A
Scales analytical AND HR-250A
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