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Scoop, art. 712304

Scoop, art. 712304

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Scoop, art. 712304

It is used by bartenders for ice, cooks for loose products. Aluminum, 24 ounces, 679 gr, length of the basis is 22 cm, width is 12 cm, length of the handle is 6 cm
The price in rubles: 361,9 rubles.

The Center of Ware shop is glad to offer you the big range of ware:

ware from porcelain (a plate, tea couples, glasses, ashtrays, tea and table services and td.), ware from stainless steel (pans, ladles, teapots, mantavarka, frying pans, trays, bowls, plates, tablespoons, forks, knives, teaspoons, etc.), ware from aluminum (a pan, a mantovarka, frying pans, cauldrons), ware from glass (glasses, decanters, jugs, wine glasses for wine, wine glasses for champagne, ashtrays, beer mugs, etc.), ware from plastic (basins, buckets, boxes, tubules, etc.)

Today our shop contains 15000 names of ware! Wholesale deliveries help us to keep the cheapest prices in Kazakhstan!

We realize ware and stock for advertizing agencies (various ware for drawing brands), dining rooms, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels, bars, restaurants, the big range of stock of confectionery shops, stock for Bartenders, and also ware for the house wholesale and retail for the cash and clearing settlement.

We opened the new hall with the production equipment for bars of dining rooms and restaurants: juice extractors, blenders, mixers of 7,10,20,30,40,50,60 liters, testomesa of 20,30,40,50,150 liters, meat grinders, deep fryers, plates, refrigerators, tables, racks, regiments, ice generators - the European and Russian production! Now we can equip your kitchen in a complex!

We make technological projects, we carry out delivery, assembly and installation of equipment. Departure of the food industry worker-technologist free of charge!
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Scoop, art. 712304
Scoop, art. 712304
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