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Seal steam condenser KPU-50-2.5-6

Seal steam condenser KPU-50-2.5-6

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KPU is part of the auxiliary equipment of the steam turbine PT - 80/100 - 130/13 and is designed for suction and utilization of steam from labyrinth seals.

The seal vapor condenser is a vertical type welded structure heat exchanger

KPU 50 - 2.5 - 6 is deciphered as follows:

KPU - condenser of a pair of seals, 50 - total heat exchange surface area in square meters; 2.5 - working pressure of water vapor condensate in the pipe system, MPa; 6 - modification

The heat exchanger is supplied complete with steam jet ejector EP - 1 - 400.

The heat exchange surface area of 50m 2 is formed by U - shaped tubes. The material of the heat exchange tube is high - alloyed corrosion - resistant steel grade st12X18H10T. Mounting method in the tube plate - rolling. The body is welded and consists of separate shells installed on the pipe system.

The possibility of relative expansion of the body and the pipe system is ensured by the use of U - shaped pipes.

The steam - air mixture (SVA) from the turbine seals enters the KPU housing through the corresponding inlet pipe and, bypassing the part of the pipe system, is directed to the lower shells. The starting ejector provides PVA supply for condensation. The pressure in the lower part of the housing must not be lower than a certain value and is ensured by the operation of the starting ejector.

The condensed PVA is discharged through the appropriate outlet pipe.

The water chamber is divided by a partition into two sections. The cooling condensate is fed into the inlet pipe, passes through the cooling tubes and is discharged through the outlet pipe of the water chamber.

The estimated production time for such products is about 3 - 3.5 months. The lion's share of this time is occupied by the supply of forgings for flanges and heat exchange tubes. In the event that suppliers of pipes and flanges are in stock, the actual production time is 44 - 48 working days.

The KPU - 50 - 2.5 - 6 sealing vapor condenser is subject to the norms of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union No. 032/2013.

The manufacture of KPU - 50 - 2.5 - 6 is carried out in accordance with the developed specifications, quality plan, material control, technological maps and operational routes, hydraulic tests of the units and the entire product as a whole are carried out, the density of welded joints is controlled in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents.

KPU 50 - 2.5 - 6 is supplied with a passport of the established sample, instructions for installation and operation, a certificate of compliance with the requirements of TR CU 032/2013. All certificates for the main materials used, certificates of tests and controls carried out are attached to the passport.

You can find some photos of the production process in our photo gallery of completed works.

Technical characteristics of the condenser steam seals (KPU - 50 - 2.5 - 6)

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0,095 (0, 95)

2, 5 (25)

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0,15 (1,5)

3,0 (30)

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0,13 (1,3)

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Вода, 10

Вода, 10

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Пароводушная смесь


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Seal steam condenser KPU-50-2.5-6
Seal steam condenser KPU-50-2.5-6
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