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Seeds of lawn herbs

Seeds of lawn herbs

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Travosmes of the Universal series are made of the fast-growing species of herbs. They are suitable for gardening of territories with low loading of use.
Travosmes are presented in plastic packages on 1 kg and in paper bags on 20 kg. A series of travosmesy Turfline was created to satisfy all wishes concerning lawns. Therefore 8 types of travosmesy were developed. Travosmes are made of the high-quality grades creating dense and narrow-leaved herbage. All grades passed tests and are approved in local climatic conditions. All seeds high-quality are also certified according to the European standards. Travosmes of the Masterline series were developed for the professional and whimsical consumer. Travosmes consist of tonkolistny and plotnorastushchy grades of herbs. For a guarantee of a qualitative lawn, in structure 2 grades of each species of herbs are used. Shirokoadaptirovana lawns to local climatic conditions. All 3 travosmes are developed in 2 options: for a frigid and temperate climate, and also for hot and droughty regions.

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Seeds of lawn herbs
Seeds of lawn herbs
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