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The ELOS technology became revolution in cosmetology, professionals recognized it as one of the most effective for rejuvenation worldwide today. What feature of this method consists in?

Rejuvenation is based on technology of an electro-optical sinergizm and if simple words — on a combination of electric high-frequency current and light energy.

Light influence consists in classical laser rejuvenation of skin. But the ELOS technology many times over increases its efficiency, allowing to influence the deepest layers of skin, without prejudice to them. All this stimulates skin on production of collagen and restoration of an elastinovy complex. And because of a lack of elastin and collagen skin loses the beauty.

For reference use: collagen - the protein which is responsible for elasticity and elasticity of skin. Elastin — the protein restoring fabrics which insufficient amount promotes emergence of pigmentary spots, vascular asterisks and hems.

What problems can be solved with the help of ELOS rejuvenation?

Feature of this procedure is that for the minimum time it allows to gain the maximum effect. Procedures it is applicable to the following zones:

  • Person. Skin after ELOS rejuvenation becomes smooth and tightened, wrinkles around eyes disappear, and in general the effect is similar to result of circular tightening.
  • Hands. Skin becomes smooth and well-groomed, pigmentary spots, vascular asterisks, wrinkles disappear.
  • Neck. ELOS relieves of folds, pigmentary spots, doing skin of the neck tightened and elastic.
  • ELOS does not injure Kofu — and right after procedure you can already lead a life, habitual for you. Depending on the purposes and quantity of zones of processing procedure can last of 15 minutes till 1 o'clock.

Features of ELOS rejuvenation

At the first stage clarification of skin then the special cooling gel is applied is carried out.

Further the applicator is brought to skin — and you begin to feel heat and a small pricking. But at the same time there are no painful feelings, our expert watches intensity of operation of the device. Besides, the fan is provided in the device that protects skin from an overheat.

Important! Rejuvenation with use of this technology is not recommended in the presence of oncological diseases, pregnancy, diabetes, allergic reaction to light.

The facts about ELOS rejuvenescence

One procedure takes about 20-40 minutes

The course makes 6 procedures and 3-4 times a week are carried out with a regularity

The effect is swept up after one procedure

For a total disappearance of wrinkles, pigmentary spots and vascular asterisks 5-6 procedures there are enough

For steady result it is enough to pass 1-2 courses of ELOS rejuvenation a year.

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Service Elos-omolozheniye
Service Elos-omolozheniye
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