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Services in diamond drilling (drilling)

Services in diamond drilling (drilling)

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Diamond drilling (drilling) is the advanced method of making of openings in structures of any type. High speed of work, big metric accuracy of an arrangement of openings and their geometrical parameters, all this does other methods of making of openings hopelessly outdated. Besides, diamond drilling does not do harm to ecology and health of the operator, is not followed by high-pitched sounds and practically excludes vibrations.

Of course, for receiving openings in concrete it is possible to use also other methods, jackhammers or punchers if such concepts as efficiency and safety for you do not matter. It is possible to use also an antiquated method – a sledge hammer.

However undoubtedly one – is today the safest, fast and economic way of receiving openings in the majority of solid construction materials.

Such operation is applied to make an opening or an aperture in a brick or concrete wall for laying of the following communications:

- for water pipes, the sewerage, conditioning, heating and air vents; - for an electrical wiring and power cables; - to take concrete samples in big designs, and also examples of rocky breeds in mountains. By means of such drilling (sometimes it is called also drilling) it is possible to prepare niches in thick walls from a brick or concrete, or to make the whole aperture in overlapping or in a main wall. By means of this installation it is easy to drill openings both across, and down, directly or at an angle to 90 degrees.

Advantages of diamond drilling:

  • lack of vibrations;
  • lack of dust;
  • lack of noise;
  • high precision of the sizes and ideally round form with the ground edges;
  • high speed of drilling;
  • drilling is safe for the bearing designs;
  • big range of diameters of openings;
  • possibility of drilling in hard-to-reach spots;
  • possibility of drilling at an angle;
  • possibility of drilling deeply;
  • possibility of processing of a natural and artificial stone;
  • possibility of the solution of the most difficult construction tasks.

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Services in diamond drilling (drilling)
Services in diamond drilling (drilling)
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