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Services of a multikam and laser cutting Code: 10.5 order in Almaty
Order Services of a multikam and laser cutting Code: 10.5
Services of a multikam and laser cutting Code: 10.5

Services of a multikam and laser cutting Code: 10.5

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Reklamno – the Almaty Print production company offers milling and engraving services on the Multicam machine in Almaty.
Services of this machine are widely used during creation of designs of outdoor advertizing (volume and pseudo-volume letters), illuminated signs, wardrobe checks, growth figures, badges, charms, home decoration and a decor, and also for figured cutting, an engraving of plates, interroom doors, integral doors, computer tables, complete kitchens, chests and other furniture, and also for a milling engraving on MDF and HDF, production of medals, awards, prize plates, indexes, elements of design, parts of a decor, various models, markings, shild, volume letters etc.
Machines to Animated cartoons can work with different types of materials:
soft types of metals (aluminum, copper) etc.
Thanks to what the cutting tool mill, became possible to carry out cutting of the details having curved contours (milling cutting). And the software guarantees accuracy and accuracy. Work performance speed – one more important plus. Such machine allows in short terms and with ideal quality to make products from scratch and to full readiness, for example, to carry out cutting of details (plates, checks, etc.) and to execute an engraving on them.
The milling and engraving MultiCam machine – the device of air and plasma cutting is intended for drawing inscriptions, images on firm (metal, wooden, glass) coverings by pro-cutting.
MultiCam — the milling and engraving machine, or the device of air and plasma cutting. This device intends for drawing inscriptions, images on firm surfaces from metal, a tree, flew down by means of pro-cutting.
Important difference of the milling and engraving Multicam machine, it:
1) Possibility of work trouble-free
2) Accuracy of performance of products
3) Intuitive and simple controllability of the equipment
4) Lack of vibrations and noiselessness
The control of such machine is made by the ordinary personal computer. Important detail: MultiCam machines are capable to carry out an engraving. It is quite applicable for production of decorative elements, seals, stamps, plates, souvenirs and many other. Also the machine can work in the sphere of instrument making, modeling of details and casting molds. Among other things, production of such works differs in the high speed, low price that together gives high quality of the works performed by the milling and engraving machine.
MultiCam milling machines differ in the highest productivity and correctness of the executed works if to compare them to manual machines. It is rather simple to look simplicity of operation, and also high ability to integrate with various types of production works.
Large-format milling machines with ChPU are ideal option for the initial stage of your business, thanks to the low cost and high efficiency, with the good permission and low noise level. All machines are equipped a flash stores and USB ports for transfer of tasks from the computer for the machine.

The main
Cutting thickness 20.0 (mm)
Cutting accuracy 4.0 (mm)
Performance term 3.0 (dn)
Additional characteristics
Country producer Kazakhstan
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Services of a multikam and laser cutting Code: 10.5
Services of a multikam and laser cutting Code: 10.5
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