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Shadowless operational surgical lamp marLED® V10 V16, KLS Martin buy in Almaty
Buy Shadowless operational surgical lamp marLED® V10 V16, KLS Martin
Shadowless operational surgical lamp marLED® V10 V16, KLS Martin

Shadowless operational surgical lamp marLED® V10 V16, KLS Martin

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandGebruder Martin
  • Country of manufactureGermany

Shadowless operational surgical lamp marLED® V10 V16, KLS Martin (Germany)

The Gebruder Martin company which enters into the KLS Martin Group group releases a wide range of the lighting equipment for lighting of the operational field. We give characteristics on the surgical operational LED lamp (a shadowless lamp) marLED® of the V10 and V16 series below. In the territory of Kazakhstan our company is an official dealer of Gebruder Martin/KLS Martin Group.

This operating surgical LED (LED) system consists of the main LED® V16 lamp and the LED® V10 satellite. Both lamps have the geometrical form allowing to dock closely one lamp to another to receive uniform light a pyatno. n the operational field. The VariLUX control panel allows to receive the total motionless adapted light field in a form corresponding to the operational place. Actually, you can choose either the round, or oval light field, depending on anatomic conditions or the used equipment of surgery.

Innovative technology and ergonomics

marLED® uses LED LED elements of the last generation, smaller by the size and more compact, with bigger svetosily and smaller energy consumption. marLED® got several international awards in the field of design and the excellent concept of optics and the case of a light cell of elements of a lamp.

The best operational LED lamp in the class

There is a set of LED operational lamps. But there are no similar marLED® V10/V16: The last generation of LED (LED) elements guarantees an unprecedented svetosila and more than twice big illumination. Similar execution of the lamp does the marLED® V10/V16 models the best in the class.
However, couple of marLED® V10/V16 simply are not praised by the exclusively high extent of execution. They also have very convenient ergonomics. Nice design and efficiency in use - here the reasons for which not only surgeons, but also jury of a competition awarded marLED® V10/V16 the international award in the field of design.

Small light - emitting diodes, big effect

Distinctive sign of marLED® is the compact design allowing to use considerably smaller highly effective light - emitting diodes of the last generation. As the result, light can mix up directly inside "the light car", but not as usual, and at achievement of the operational field. It allows to eliminate both color, and planimetric shadows. Besides, the new generation of light - emitting diodes allows to improve light efficiency and to minimize further heating. Color temperature adjustable, allows you to work both at daylight, and at warm white artificial lighting. Briefly, marLED® provides ideal light which allows you to keep the cold head in any situation.

Touch handle and touch display. Ease of use

Easy positioning of light by means of the touch SensoGrip handle or the touch SensoTouch display. marLED® has considerably smaller weight in comparison with ordinary operational lamps. It automatically improves ergonomics as the main lamp and its satellite can be easily positioned by means of the touch SensoGrip handle or directly cope via the touch SensoTouch display. The intuitive touch display is fixed on cardan connection of a suspension bracket of the lamp and gives readily available management to all available functions.

In surgiCam® focus of the camera

Optionally, marLED® can be used in interface to the surgiCam® camera which covers the needs for training of personnel or need of a live broadcast from the operating table. surgiCam® brings the excellent picture in SD or HD quality directly to your video monitor and can be to cope as a part of the integrated operating system. The digitized image registers in the database server.


The catalog of lamps in PDF: Operational and viewing KLS Martin lamps  

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Shadowless operational surgical lamp marLED® V10 V16, KLS Martin
Shadowless operational surgical lamp marLED® V10 V16, KLS Martin
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