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  • BrandSangam Herbals
  • Country of manufactureIndia
  • Volume200 ml

natural shampoos Sang Herbals
organic based
CONTENT WITHOUT parabens and sulfates

Hair is one of the effective component of feminine beauty, and healthy, strong hair additionally favorably emphasize and emphasize the charms Any lady. The best means for caring for such a whimsical and tender "subject of our attention" is certainly NATURAL SHAMPOO. Just think that they do not tolerate our hair ? ! First of all, our favorite ultraviolet radiation affects us in two ways. It is the greatest healer, but can also be harmful with prolonged exposure. All sorts of stylish, gorgeous hairstyles, stitches with and without fasteners, coloring, straightening with various methods, including rather rigid thermal procedures, and as the opposite moment of curls and curls of diverse assortment, from a gentle negligent "wave" to an artistic, assertive "shallow demon. " But . . . what can not you do to realize the dream of a gentle fleeting image . . . And it's great! Because the hymn to women's beauty should not be silent! The beauty of your healthy, natural - colored hair will not leave anyone indifferent, and first of all the woman gives an unsurpassed sense of confidence in her own strength and cheerfulness.
Find beautiful, lush, healthy hair shining using only NATURAL SHAMPOOs, certainly without the harmful ingredients - parabens and sulphates.
Natural Shampoo from Sangam Herbalscreated using a unique formula based on Ayurvedic formulations, as the effectiveness of which proverenny millennia. Since ancient times, ayurveda doctors recommended certain herbs in strict combinations and proportions to restore health and strength of hair, and, importantly, the places of growing of herbs and the refined methods of preparation of the drug have always been taken into account.
Not only shampoos, but also all products of Sangam Herbals are included herbs grown on clean soils. Cultivation of all plants is carried out without the use of artificial mineral fertilizers. Only natural fertilizers are used, which allows you to certify all plant raw materials Sangam Herbals as an ORGANIC.
Natural Shampoo Sangam Herbals help you:

  • ensure gentle and full hair care
  • promote hydration
  • restore dry brittle hair tips
  • give volume to thin hair
  • Relieve dandruff
  • restore natural healthy shine and silkiness hair
  • emphasize the depth of color of the colored hair, preserving its expressiveness and brightness

All products are certified "GMP", has the "ORGANIC" certificate.

NATURAL SHAMPOOs based on organic raw materials, having certificates "ORGANIC" and "GMP", not containing Parabens and sulfates (SLS) will provide your hair and scalp with impeccable careful care and recovery, protect against adverse external factors environment.
Feelings of health and beauty, which can be more pleasant, is not it?


Shampoo Sangam Herbals based ogranicheskogo Aloe Vera«Amla and Shikakay», enriched with active ingredients Amly Shikakay and time - tested combination of herbs forstrengthening, nutrition, improvement of hair growth, healing the scalp, giving the hair volume softly STI, silky and healthyspecial shine. Suitable for all hair types.

Amla(Amalakii, Indian gooseberry) - superb antioxidant, maximally saturatedvit. S, bioflavonoids, nutrients and trace elements. For comparison: one medium - sized fruit aml, and it is not that big, about with a walnut, contains 4 - 8 times more vitamin C than an orange of medium size. In Sanskrit Amla is affectionately called "dhatri", which means "nurse" , or "mother", which corresponds to her gift carefully, gently and reliably care for hair and scalp, providing a permanent and long - lasting effect of exposure. Amla is a great antioxidant, which has many advantages in Ayurveda refersRasayanam - grasses, reducing the process of preservation, transformation and rebirth of life sily. Amlaperfect tonichair, enhancing theirgrowth, strengthening the hair follicle, and aligninghealing the hair structure of the. With her help, the hair becomes elastic and silky, pleasing with a healthy, radiant shine. Shikakai(soap beans) - a favorite traditional hair care product for Indian women, and they know how to pamper their hair! Ayurvedic name Shikakai in literal translation from Sanskrit means "fruit for the hair. " Shikakai combines several cosmetic effects: it is simultaneously a gentle shampoo with the effect of an air conditioner and a hair mask. Shikakai beneficial effect on the scalp, preventing the appearance of dandruff, ulushayahair structure and effectivelyprotects hair from harmful effects of the environment. Natural Shikakai in excess contains saponins - Natural foaming agents, which have excellent cleansing, antibacterial and antifungal properties, it is important when caring for the scalp. Natural Shikakai has naturally low pH promotes thecarefulcleansing the skin and hair, theirwetting, preserving of natural protective water - lipid film. Shikakaistrengthenhair roots, prevent hair loss, nourishing and enriching the hair follicle nutrients and trace elements, preventappearancedandruff, stimulatehair growth, ulushayuttheirstructure, filling the power of thinning hair, restoreNatural shine, soft Awn and elastic velvety.

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