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Shilajit Vati, Shilajeet vati, Shri ganga, 50 gr  buy in Almaty
Buy Shilajit Vati, Shilajeet vati, Shri ganga, 50 gr
Shilajit Vati, Shilajeet vati, Shri ganga, 50 gr

Shilajit Vati, Shilajeet vati, Shri ganga, 50 gr

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  • BrandShri Ganga
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Shiladzhit vati-mumie is a complex natural organo-mineral complex of biologically active substances containing more than 60 different chemical compounds, and over 80 minerals.
Features of the drug:
High in the Himalayan mountains, you may be lucky enough to find a thick oily substance that oozes out of the right stone. This is Shilajit, one of the most powerful Ayurvedic rejuvenating agents.
In Sanskrit «Shiladzhit» means "conqueror of mountains." This is a force that assimilates our body to a stone that stands all the tests of time. Shilajit has no equal in the struggle with the aging processes of the human body.
Indian yogis, strongly impressed by the power of Shilajit, believed that he possessed a divine power that could cure the human body of any ailment and, most importantly, restore youth.
In the treatises of Ancient China and Ancient India, Shiladzhit was called Amrita or a divine nectar granting eternal life and youth.
The Indian yogis found it widely used. And to this day in the Himalayas, you can meet yogis, whose age exceeds a hundred years. Moreover, what is most surprising, they retain the tone and vitality of the young man.
Shiladzhit long been used for a general strengthening and healing the body, to combat aging stabilizationblood sugar level, enhance libido, treat wounds, rehabilitation urinary system, increasing brain health,strengthening bones, treating renal disease, enhance immunity , the fight against arthritis, overwork, overweight, and with a variety of other diseases.
According to the yogis, there is hardly a disease that could not be dealt with by Shilajit.

  • Shiladzhit accelerates metabolism of proteins and nucleic acids,
  • increases the internal energy of the human body, which in turn affects the sexual and the spiritual power of man, sometimes Shilajit is called "Indian Viagra"B4536225 DE002E27657BC9CB54342878
  • helps control blood sugar levels, making it indispensable in the fight against diabetes,
  • purifies the blood, improves pancreatic and assimilation of nutrients,
  • improves penetration of minerals (especially calcium and phosphorus) into muscle and bone tissue,
  • stimulates the immune system and accelerates recovery from physical and mental stresses,
  • B38C1118BD645979BE81677BC291 A680 struggles with impotence and overwork.

Medicinal properties:
many experiments have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of high Shiladzhita for treating various diseases. Many people highly appreciated the results of Shilajit's treatment, which exceeded all their wildest expectations.

Shiladzhit contains 84 minerals in the natural ionic form necessary to maintain vital balance in the body. Minerals that form part of the Shilajit are not similar to minerals in the bioadditives marketed on the market.
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Shilajit Vati, Shilajeet vati, Shri ganga, 50 gr
Shilajit Vati, Shilajeet vati, Shri ganga, 50 gr
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