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Single-chamber oil-free vacuum spiral pump SH-110 buy in Almaty

Single-chamber oil-free vacuum spiral pump SH-110

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The vacuum pump SH-110 is the best decision for receiving dry vacuum in the research and production purposes demanding small speeds of pumping. The pump SH-110 is supplied with the built-in valve which is instantly cutting vacuum system from the pump in cases of possible interruptions in work (for example, in case of unplanned switching off of power supply of the vacuum pump).

The unique patented design of vacuum pumps provides unprecedented performance data of pumps: low basic pressure and high speed of pumping. Long interval between scheduled works. Compact size. For work in hostile environment or at high humidity the system of a purge protecting pump bearings from corrosion is installed.

The vacuum pump TriScroll 300 is recommended by Varian firm as forvacuum for turbomolecular pumps with a speed of pumping of 500-1000 l/sec. For vacuum pumps with a pumping speed more 1000l/sec. for receiving "dry" vacuum as forvacuum the pump TriScroll 600 is recommended. If you use the oil-free turbomolecular pump of Varian co firm the speed of pumping of 300 l/sec. and below, you can use as the forvacuum oil-free single-chamber spiral pump SH-110.

Use of vacuum pumps

In a usual complete set the vacuum pumps Varian TriScroll are used to pure, atmospheric gases. For work in hostile environment or with high humidity it is necessary to install in addition system of a purge which protects pump bearings from corrosion. Thanks to a purge of bearings and standard gas ballast this type of pumps possesses raised reliability during the work with the moderate and corrosion environment. Vacuum pumps are not intended for pumping of toxic and corrosion gases of high concentration, the explosive or forming particles gases. At the same time at two-chamber pumps installation additional insulating the valve which provides instant isolation of the pumped-out volume from the pump, in case of sudden interruption of work is possible. It allows to avoid completely hit of a stream of particles from the atmosphere in the pumped-out volume.

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