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Skating rink annulate shporovy KShKU-6

Skating rink annulate shporovy KShKU-6

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Technical characteristics
  • Type work surfaceRinged

The skating rink annulate shporovy is intended to KShKU-6 for crushing of lumps, destruction of a soil crust, a prikatyvaniye of the soil, consolidation on depth to 7 cm subsurface and loosening on depth of 4 cm superficial layers of earth. After a prikatyvaniye the surface of the field is covered with the mulched layer of earth that promotes moisture preservation.

The preseeding prikatyvaniye is made for detention of moisture in the soil, crushing of large lumps of the earth and alignment of a surface of the field, and also for consolidation of the soil that is especially necessary before sowing of agricultural crops. This operation reduces slipping and deepening of basic and driving wheels of a seeder that increases uniformity of crops and stabilizes depth of seal of seeds.

Postsowing prikatyvaniye - necessary operation for moisture detention and ensuring contact of seeds with the soil. Such contact creates favorable conditions for receiving earlier and amicable germination of seeds that has essential value in increase of productivity at crops in the droughty and damaged a wind erosion areas.

The skating rink is intended for use in all soil and climatic zones, except a zone of mountain agriculture. Working bodies of a skating rink are annulate shporovye rings.

The design of a skating rink allows its safe transportation on roads of the general network at the expense of a possibility of its transfer to the provision of distant transport.

Agregatirovaniye of a skating rink is carried out with class 1,4 tractors ….2,0, equipped with a serviceable hydraulic system. In need of carrying out a prikatyvaniye of crops with a hardness of soil less than 0,9 MPas it is recommended to use skating rinks of other brands (with smaller extent of consolidation).

The skating rink is intended for work in such conditions:

  • range of temperatures of the soil - from 0 °C to +30 °C;
  • humidity of the soil in the processed layer - from 14% to 23%;
  • soil hardness in the processed layer - no more than 0,4 MPas;
  • soil surface grebnistost (height of crests) - no more than 80 mm;
  • in the field there should not be congestions of the pozhnivny remains.

It is not recommended to apply a skating rink on vspushenny soils with the maintenance of dusty fraction (a part the sizes to 0,5 mm) more than 20%.



1. Type


2. It is aggregated with tractors of a tyag.klass

1,4... 2,0

3. Width of capture, m


4. Productivity, hectare/hour


5. Working speed, km/h

6 - 10

6. Transport speed, km/h


7. Overall dimensions, mm:
- in working situation (length, width, height)


8. Overall dimensions, mm:
- in a transport state (length, width, height)


9. Mass of the car dry, kg


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Skating rink annulate shporovy KShKU-6
Skating rink annulate shporovy KShKU-6
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